Diet Of Maya Plisetskaya

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Eating habits of Maya Plisetskaya

the Phrase Plisetskaya that to keep in shape is to eat less has become popular long ago. There is a perception that famous dancer throughout his career in the ballet was exhausted yourself diets.

Apparently, this is not so. In his interview with Maya Plisetskaya "denies" from ascribed to her diet. She claims to have always had a good appetite and never starve myself.

Sometimes even the weight beyond the norm (remembering the chiseled figure of a ballerina, it's hard to believe). Lose weight same Maya Mikhailovna solely due to the fact that they were unable to eat in the heavy schedule of tours and rehearsals.

Plisetskaya admits that he loves a good German beer. Food preferences of our heroine by a relatively modest coming to her guests (dancer living in Germany), spoil her with Goodies – black Borodino bread and a herring. The restaurant Maya Mikhailovna without fear to get better eating ravioli, minestrone soup and other tasty meals.

to Prepare Plisetskaya knows, but the special delights not welcomed. Her husband (Rodion Shchedrin) are quite happy and sometimes even makes fun of the wife that she cooks too much – supposedly enough food for the wedding feast.

The diet of the diet of Maya Plisetskaya

Despite the numerous stories ballerina of innocence to the world of diets has spread one of the techniques of losing weight, allegedly invented it. Judging by the fact that the diet really quickly carries excess weight, you can be confident in her "ballet" the origin.

it is Important to remember that a caloric restriction leads to slower metabolic processes. This means that after following the meal plan the weight can quickly return to previous levels (in the name of maintaining his health the body will make "reserves" against future hunger).

the Duration of the diet – 14 days. During this time (with a large excess weight) you can lose up to 10 pounds overweight. Before repeating the diet is to give your body time to rest: frequency – 1 time per 3 months.

During the diet under the full ban:
• Any dairy products
• Meat products
• Egg
• Tomatoes
• Potatoes
• Spice
• Sweets
• Flour products

the Fish to eat, but not more often than 1-2 times a week. The basis of the diet are fruits and vegetables fresh. The menu must be present cereals: barley, oats, lentils.

Sample menu diet

• Breakfast: cereal of the cereal (you can also drink a decoction of lentils)
• Lunch: vegetable soup based on vegetables (recommended volume: 200 ml), vegetable salad (300 g)
• Dinner: porridge of brown rice (200 g), salad made from boiled vegetables (portion weight: 300 g)
• Snacks: fruits or berries.

the Recommended assortment of fruits and berries:
• Apples
• Apricots
• Cherry
• Blueberry
• BlackBerry
• Black currant
• Gooseberry
• Grapefruit
• Pears
• Plums
• Raspberries
• Strawberry
• Mandarin


the Diet of Maya Plisetskaya is very effective – as evidenced by the reviews on forums devoted to weight loss. It is important to remember that the diet excludes foods, which are the main providers of protein (eggs, milk, meat). This means that the weight loss would be burning not only fat but also muscle tissue.