Diet Nikolai Baskov

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an Example of the so-called "male" diet can be the diet of Nikolay Baskov. According to singer, low physical activity and a balanced diet will help to get rid of excess weight. This approach is applicable, in principle, to women and to men. Basque believes that gaining extra pounds, you still subsequently have to stick to your own diet for weight loss.

According to the stars, you need to eat right all my life, starting to do it as early as possible. And then the human body without hazardous toxins and unhelpful fats it will feel just fine. It's necessary to eat only natural products, with this crucial technology of their preparation.

it is well known the laws of good nutrition. Is the predominance in the diet of vegetables, reducing consumption of meat, the refusal of possibilities from fried food and others. And yet often these rules we ignore. Also important is a method for thermal processing of products ( boiled potatoes are much healthier fried).

Fruits and vegetables contain a tremendous amount of natural vitamins, so most of them are eaten raw, except that it is still recommended to be heat treated for better learning (for example zucchini or beets).

Nikolay Baskov advises instead of carbonated drinks and unnatural juices to use are very useful herbal teas, green tea or clean water.

the Diet of Nikolay Baskov can be considered in two variants.. Consider the most popular of them — a nine day diet Baskov.

Nine-day diet Baskov

there are 3 terms of this diet, each trimester consists of 3 days. In the first trimester they eat only boiled rice. It does not use oil and salt. These days, you can lose about 3 pounds. Due to the fact that rice removes from the body excess fluid and salt in this period should drink plenty of pure water or different diuretic decoctions.

There are also certain rules of cooking rice: well-washed, pre-soaked for 12 hours, the rice is boiled for 5 minutes 3 times, then washed with cold water.

In the next trimester diet allowed to eat only boiled or baked potatoes. For a diuretic tea, you can add kefir of low fat content.

In the last 3 day diet care you can eat steamed vegetables and baked apples, continuing to drink diuretic beverages. It should be noted that the volume of fluids you drink must be at least 3 liters a day, especially at night. Very useful teas from cranberry, cowberry, dogrose and others.

Results diet Baskov

This diet gives you the opportunity to lose approximately 3 pounds per trimester, only 9 pounds. It should be noted that to avoid possible complications with the digestive system of mandatory consultation of the doctor. Also need special physical training to avoid such troubles, such as sagging skin. This diet can be repeated not earlier than 4 months.