Diet Maria Sorte

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Maria Sorte – known singer and actress originally from Mexico. However, the known this girl for many people, not only as a creative person, and as the founder of a very effective diet.

Interesting facts

Maria is sure that harmony of body and soul – one of the fundamental concepts that must be used by all people, without exception. In addition, this combination will allow anyone to feel happiness and joy, and it is, in fact, is the most important in the life of any person. The Grade also considers that to achieve all the goals you need to be active. In addition, it says that it is necessary to look as natural as possible, so using cosmetics, you need to be very careful. The following paragraph is her recipe for beauty is often necessary to be outdoors. It is also very important not to be afraid of his age. Any years lovely, and it proved a whole lot of people. In addition, Maria believes that we should stop Smoking, and avoid alcoholic beverages. The last paragraph of the rules of the famous singer is proper nutrition.

The basics of proper nutrition

Maria has developed a program meal that is sure to help everyone who needs it in getting rid of extra pounds.

It includes the following items:

Breakfast: 0.5 dish of porridge (oatmeal) with 15 berries, raisins and 10 pieces of almonds (you can take 5 kernels other nuts), and 30 grams of cheese.

lunch: this meal should take place no later than noon. 6 kernels of almonds (you can take a 3 core any other nuts), fruit (fresh), preferably of small size.

Lunch: 2 hours after second Breakfast. 0.5 dish of vegetarian soup, 90 grams tuna (cooked), and also a plate of salad made of fresh vegetables, 2 tortillas from corn.

Snack: 3 hours after lunch. A mini-cake.

Dinner: 19.00. Need to take a few spoons a light meal, 3 teaspoons of chalk, 4 core nuts (or 8 almonds).

Before sleep: small fresh fruit, and 2 of the almond kernel.