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Colorful Oriental diet


Such a diet has a fairly simple meaning. The color of products has a definite influence on specific organs and bio-energetic effects on the body. Therefore, such a mixed diet is going to be fully all the necessary vitamins and nutrients. Consider the basic colors and their corresponding influence on the human body.


Tomatoes, red berries, peppers and other red foods provide the body with energy, help to remove toxins, improve metabolism, help fight stress, affect the good condition of the adrenal glands. These products are recommended for people suffering from anemia and those who strongly reacts to the cold.

Orange color

Peaches, apricots, carrots, pumpkin and other orange foods also give the body plenty of energy, improve blood circulation, promote rapid digestive system and the circulatory system. Stimulate libido and promote mental and physical development. These products just need people with artistic inclinations.


Lemons, bananas, yellow plums, turnips and other yellow foods – have a positive impact on the processes of the nervous system and brain activity, promote effective thinking and good for the skin. Yellow is related to the liver and digestive system.


Peas, lettuce and onions, zucchini, herbs, cucumbers and other green products — have a wonderful effect on vascular tone, provide good heart function, affect a calming effect on the nervous system, help to fight migraines, as well as contribute to the positive work of the lungs.

The color purple

Plums, beets, eggplant, grapes and other purple foods – a good influence on the brain and Central nervous system, support the health of the human psyche. Very effective for people suffering from insomnia.


Buckwheat, coffee, cocoa and other products brown — have effects on the endocrine system, particularly the thyroid gland. And good influence on the organs of sight and hearing, improve memory and are beneficial to mental processes and physical development.

To the human body work properly and was healthy Eastern diet recommends that you observe the color value of the products at different times. For am the most fit green and yellow products, they have a refreshing and toning effect on the body. Red, brown and orange products are important for lunch, as they will give a lot of energy. And purple is best taken in the evening, as they help relieve tension and relax the body.