Diet Green tea

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The benefits of a diet on green tea

Diet based on green tea, cleanses the body from free radicals, because the drink contains large amounts of antioxidants (polyphenols, the flavonoids). Present in the tea enzymes help to control appetite. Tea speeds up the metabolism – it promotes the burning of fatty tissue. The composition of tea there are tannins, essential oils, vitamins, trace elements.

there are the following useful properties of the drink:

  • lipolysis
  • eliminate excess cholesterol
  • Normalization of carbohydrate metabolism

Diet for 14 days

This diet is designed for 14 days and allows you to lose 5-6 kg. For the day you need to drink 1.5 l of green tea (1 tbsp. in 1 hour after a meal or 30 minutes before it). Salt, sugar, alcohol, fatty foods – all this is excluded from the diet. You can use honey, but only a small amount. The basis of the diet are complex carbohydrates (vegetables and fruits, except potatoes and bananas). The diet should be protein.

Sample menu

upon waking: green tea
Breakfast: rye toast or biscuit app
1 hour: tea
the Second Breakfast: eggs (boiled or omelet), toast
1 hour: tea
Lunch: soup or stew of vegetables, boiled meat 150 g
1 hour: tea
afternoon Snack: juice (natural) fruit
1 hour: tea
Dinner: 2-3 tbsp cereal, cooked in water, 150 grams chicken breast
1 hour: tea

Express diet

This diet calculated for 1-3 days. 1 day you can throw 0.5-1 kg. Liquid diet remains the same: green tea you need to drink before a meal or shortly after it. Throughout the day you should eat 3 servings of raisins and dried apricots (weight daily serving of 200 g). This diet is not pleased with the right balance of nutrients, so long to follow it is not worth it. A strict diet is contraindicated during exacerbation of chronic diseases, peptic ulcer disease, in violation of metabolism and diabetes. To lose weight for 6-8 kg, you have to perform 4 cycles of the diet every 2 weeks. During the "holiday" will have to eat modestly and to continue to drink green tea. Excluded fatty foods, sweets, fast food and other "junk" food.


Diet green tea is contraindicated in kidney disease, arthritis, gout, peptic ulcer disease, gallstones, and kidney. It is not necessary to stick with with acute gastritis and heart disease. Diet unwanted with increased nervous excitability and hypertension.


Diet green tea presented as a hard and easy option. Judging by the reviews, these techniques provide quick weight loss.