Melon diet

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Briefly about the benefits of diet

Melon diet for weight loss cleanses the digestive tract – melon provides a diuretic and slight laxative effect. In this culture of melon contains vitamins A, C, group B. Melon pulp contains iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorus.

Diet-melon improves blood circulation, has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system and helps restore emotional balance.

Melon frees the body from bad cholesterol, is the prevention of atherosclerosis, improves the immune system. Traditional healers offer to eat the melon in infectious diseases and liver disease.

it is Noticed that the melon flesh slows down aging and rejuvenates the exhausted body.


a Diet based on melons should not be used in diabetes and in diseases of the digestive system. It is important to remember that a melon can not be combined with other foods (should wait at least half an hour after a meal and then eat it).

Another important point is to accelerate the ripening of melons are not the most useful substances using a melon out of its natural season of ripening, can be seriously poisoned. It is also worth remembering that in case you are hypersensitive to melon can cause an allergic reaction.

Melon mono-diet

This version of the diet allows you to eat 1-1.5 kg of pulp of a melon. You need to eat 5 times a day. Recommended to drink unsweetened drinks: infusion of rose hips, green tea, drinking water or mineral water.

a Reasonable duration of this meal plan is 2-3 days (some are satisfied with a seven-day discharge, which is not quite reasonable).

Papaya cleansing diet

program Duration: 3-5 days.

• Breakfast: melon pulp — 300-400 g
• Lunch: vegetable soup, 100 g of boiled fish, cucumber, tea
• Dinner: melon pulp – 300 g
• between meals: liquid diet (water without gas, herbal teas)

Light diet

This diet you can devote 1-2 weeks.

• Breakfast: cheese, fruit platter, tea
• lunch: a small amount of dried fruit
• Lunch: diet soup, boiled chicken, vegetable salad, broth hips
• Snack: Apple
• Dinner: melon pulp (500 g)

If desired the menu can be changed to your taste, but the caloric content of meals should not exceed 1000 kcal.

Diet melon, and grains

Diet can last 3-7 days.

• Breakfast: melon pulp – 400 g
• lunch: 200 ml of yogurt
• Lunch: melon pulp — 400 g of boiled brown rice – 200 g green tea without sugar
• Snack: toast of black bread with 1 tsp. vegetable oil
• Dinner: 200 grams of oatmeal of brown rice (you can also use buckwheat, barley, oatmeal), a piece of boiled meat, vegetable salad

Seven-day diet

This diet is based on consumption of vegetables, fruits and lean protein. On time diet salt and sugar are excluded. Berry and fruit infusions have to cook, filling of chopped raw materials with boiling water.

Menu melon diet

• Breakfast: porridge of brown rice with a dressing of soy sauce and lemon juice, berry extract (you can use raspberries, cranberries, currants, cranberries)

• Lunch (one of variants):
1. Salad of cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, onions (with vegetable oil), 150 g of cottage cheese, Apple fruit water
2. Salad of cabbage, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions and greens with vegetable oil, boiled fish (150 g), green tea
3. Salad of boiled vegetables (beets, carrots) with garlic and sour cream, scrambled eggs steam, tea
4. Salad of apples, celery, cucumbers, avocados (weight: 200 g), seasoned with 1 tbsp olive oil, boiled chicken (100 g), Apple juice

• lunch and dinner: melon pulp (you need to use from 16.00 to 20.00 at intervals of 1 hour)


Melon diet is perfect to those who loves this melon culture. Reviews indicate that this diet plan not only reduces excess weight but also lowers sugar cravings. Depending on the severity of the restrictions each day diet takes 0.3-1 kg.