Diet for belly

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The basic principles of the diet

Quickly and effectively reduce the volume of the stomach you will succeed at the expense of bowel cleansing and normalization of work of digestive organs. As practice shows, the rounded lines of the belly are often characteristic of even the skinny people – accumulates in the intestines stool create such an effect.

Thus, the main principle of any diet for belly is the introduction in the diet of large quantities of food rich in fiber (especially vegetables and fruits). To strengthen the effectiveness of the diet will allow the enema. Well, dry the body and draw the abdominal muscles will help you special exercises.

it is Important to remember that salt delays in the body of excess moisture (this, again, can visually increase the volume of the body). On this basis, it is recommended for 1-2 weeks to completely abandon any salty food.

From the diet should exclude:
• Alcoholic beverages
• Sugar, sweets, pastries
• Refractory fat

you need to Eat 5-6 times a day, small portions. Such a diet normalizes the digestive system and stabilizes blood sugar levels. Fractional power does not give rise to hunger – thus be able to avoid overeating, and thus, the stomach wall will not stretch.

Another important recommendation is to avoid eating foods that cause bloating (in this category include cabbage, peas, beans, whole milk, etc.). Daily you should drink at least one and a half liters of unsweetened fluids.

Diet for belly from Cynthia Sass

Cynthia Sass has offered us the original two-phase nutrition plan.

The stage 1 (it takes 4 days)

Diet can be on their own, but with the optimal calorie count (it will have to be reduced to 1400 calories). The diet should include sources of fatty acids (these include Flaxseed, fatty fish, vegetable oils).

the author of the diet claims that omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids promote recovery from fat depots of its own fat reserves.

sample menu of the first stage
• Breakfast: crackers or rice balls, pineapple chunks, skim milk, 1 tsp sunflower seeds
• Lunch: tuna in its own juice — 90 g of carrot salad with vegetable oil, a slice of low-fat cheese
• Snack: smoothie of skim milk (150 ml), the pulp of pineapple (100 g) and Flaxseed (1 tsp)
• Dinner: white meat poultry (90 g ready for use), porridge from brown rice (2 tbsp), steamed leafy vegetables

you can Drink mineral water, infused with ginger, cucumber, and mint leaves. The beverage is acidified using lemon juice.

Stage 2 (it takes 28 days)

Energy value of the diet should be increased to 1600 kcal. The caloric content of Breakfast, lunch and dinner are the same — 400 kcal. Energy value of two additional meals of 200 kcal.

you can Eat diet foods: low fat dairy products, lean meat and fish, vegetables and fruit. Mandatory in the diet is to include a small amount of avocado, seeds and nuts.

sample menu of the second stage
• Breakfast: oatmeal with grated Apple, cinnamon and almonds
• Lunch: grain bread, a slice of lean ham and low-fat cheese, and lettuce
• Snacks: sweet pepper, some pine nuts
• Dinner: piece of salmon with lemon juice, vegetable purees

Additional recommendations

went To the volume in the stomach, is not only to adhere to dietary food plan, but also to engage with the Hoop. Twist the Hoop needs regularly. Duration of classes is recommended to increase gradually. It is worth considering that the beginning on the body can bruise.


Diet for belly in the first place are aimed at cleansing the bowel. Judging by the reviews, this approach provides a visible result.