Diet 14 table

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The aim of diet 14 table

This diet creates favorable conditions for the restoration of optimal balance. Treatment plan nutrition prevents loss of calcium and phosphorus salts and helps their excretion from the body (in compliance with dietary recommendations, there is a shift of acid-base balance towards acidity).

Characteristics diet

the staple diet of number 14 are acidic foods. Alkaline valence and foods rich in calcium salts, are subject to limitation.

Diet fully meets the needs of the organism in carbohydrates, fats and proteins, and other essential nutritional factors. If there are no contraindications, the patient is recommended to drink plenty of liquids (up to three litres per day). Products can be subjected to any cooking. Diet – the usual.

The chemical composition of the diet

Protein — 70 g (40% of vegetable origin)
• Fats — 80 grams (25-30 grams of vegetable origin)
• Carbohydrates — 350-400 g

A useful composition and caloric content of diets

• salt – no more than 6 g
• Caloric intake is 2500 kcal
• Riboflavin 1.9 mg
• Carotene — 8,4 mg
• Retinol — 0.6 mg
• Thiamine — 1.9 mg
• Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) — 130 mg
• Nicotinic acid 23 mg
• Iron — 0.06 g
• Potassium 4.6 g
• Sodium, 4.4 grams
• Phosphorus 1.8 g
• Magnesium — 0.4 g
• Calcium — 0.95 g

Advice on nutrition

the diet is dominated by meat-rich and acidic valences products.

Limit shall be:
• Milk
• cottage Cheese
• Cheese
• Yogurt
• Fruits, vegetables and berries
• Vegetable snacks

Completely eliminated:
• Dairy, fruit, vegetable soups
• Salty fish, pickles, smoked
• Fruit, berry and vegetable juices
• Refractory meat and cooking oils

The basis of the diet diet

• for Flour and bread (with limited content of eggs and milk)
• Any fats, except refractory
• Soups prepared on weak chicken, meat, fish or mushroom broth (the soup should cook with egg flakes, cereals, pasta)
• Cooked in any way meat, fish and poultry
• canned Fish (in limited quantities)
• sour Cream (a bit, as a dressing for salads and dishes)
• Porridge, made with water
• Eggs (1 piece a day, mostly whites – the yolks are limited)
• Meals made from peas, pumpkins, mushrooms
• Sour apples, cranberries, cranberry
• fruit drinks, jelly
• Weakly brewed coffee and tea (without milk)
• a Decoction of rose hips
• fruit Drinks
• Sauces mushroom, fish, meat broth
• Sweets (honey, sugar, pastries, Popsicles)
• Meals: fish, meat, seafood
• Caviar, and soaked herring (limited)
• Creamy and melted butter
• Vegetable oil

Sample menu

• the First Breakfast: a slice of soaked herring, crumbly buckwheat porridge, boiled in water, tea
• Lunch: soup with noodles, cooked in chicken broth, a portion of chicken with rice porridge, cooked with water, cranberry kissel
• Snack: a decoction of rose hips
• Dinner: meat patties, peas and tea
• Before sleep: a decoction of rose hips


Diet No. 14 is quite diverse – you can eat balanced and complete. Serious discomfort is a restriction imposed on vegetables and fruits.