Japanese diet for 7 days

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This method of weight loss based on hard cuts calorie diet and provides a quick weight loss. It is believed that the Japanese diet for 7 days was developed in the clinic "AAX", but little that indicates the veracity of this statement.

Diet diet

the Japanese diet, designed for 7 days, means three meals a day. Sugar and salt throughout the period of weight loss are banned.

• Breakfast: green or black coffee (you can substitute green tea)
• Lunch: or Peking cabbage (you can prepare the salad with vegetable oil) and boiled eggs (2 PCs)
• Dinner: steam or fried fish and cabbage (you can make a salad)

• Breakfast: thin biscuit and coffee (tea)
• Dinner: steam or fried fish and cabbage (you can make a salad)
• Dinner: lean meat, boiled (200 g), low-fat yogurt (200 ml)

• Breakfast: green or black coffee (you can substitute green tea)
• Lunch: grated fresh carrots, seasoned with vegetable oil and raw egg (you can boil if raw you seem unappetizing)
• Dinner: fresh or baked (without sugar) apples green varieties

• Breakfast: tea (coffee)
• Lunch: braised or roasted parsnip root, a pair of apples
• Dinner: lean boiled meat varieties (200 g), eggs (2 pieces), cabbage (as a salad)

• Breakfast: fresh carrots (you can prepare the salad, rubbing on a grater and add lemon juice)
• Lunch: fried or boiled fish (500 g), tomato juice (200 ml)
• Dinner: fried or boiled fish and cabbage (you can prepare the salad)

• Breakfast: black coffee (you can substitute tea)
• Lunch: chicken fillet boiled (500 g), or Peking cabbage (you can prepare the salad)
• Dinner: fresh carrot (you can prepare the salad with vegetable oil), boiled eggs (2 PCs.)

• Breakfast: green tea
• Dinner: lean boiled meat (200 g), any of the fruit
• Dinner: the dinner menu any day.

Out of the diet

Before returning to a normal diet recommended for another week to observe dietary restrictions. Excludes all fatty, salty, sweet. Dinner is to eat low calorie meals (you can use menu dinners diet).

The performance diet

7 days diet takes an average of 4-5 kg (with a large excess weight, you can lose about 7 kg). It is believed that this diet plan provides lasting result (if correctly to complete the diet and avoid overeating later, the weight is not returned).

Additional recommendations

Three meals a day – not the best option for those who want to lose weight without harm to health. If you are truly worried about your health, some extend the diet, add a snack consisting of green vegetables or unsweetened fruits. These foods are low calories but full of fiber – this will help suppress hunger urges.

the Second piece of advice applies to drinking regime – during the diet should drink plenty of still water, but you need to use it in small portions. The liquid will help to cleanse the body from decay products.

another important point is exercise. During the diet, active sports are not welcome, but gentle load should be mandatory (e.g. you can walk). After you finish the diet you will have to come to grips with its updated figure after losing the fat does not hurt to strengthen the muscles, otherwise the body will seem flabby. Also during this period should pay attention to the useful treatments: baths, sauna, body wraps, massage.

The pros and cons of the diet

Plus this method is just one to quick weight loss. Disadvantages more. First, poor nutrition allows you to feel comfortable — you will always feel hungry (especially in the early days – a couple of days, the body adapts a little to the new regime). A huge drawback is the almost complete lack of Breakfast (for the most part it is limited to tea or coffee). Nutritionists say that this approach is fundamentally wrong (and three meals). Diet violates the metabolic processes and is not the best way reflected on the work of the digestive system.


This diet is contraindicated if you have any health problems. Special danger it poses to those who have pathology of the gastrointestinal tract.


the Japanese diet for 7 days, judging by the reviews, helps to lose weight quickly, but it had a very negative impact on health. Everything else, save the result quite difficult.