Summer diet

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Summer diet for weight loss must include in menu berries, vegetables and fruits. The gifts of nature provide us with organic acids, fiber, vitamins and minerals – this is the most favorable impact on health and the figure.

Summer protein low carbohydrate diet

the Duration of this method of weight loss – 10 days. Recommended to drink a decoction of rose hips and still water (drinking, mineral, melt).

Diet menu

• Day # 1: hard-boiled eggs – 3 PCs. and non-starchy vegetables
• Day # 2: boiled or steamed fish and green vegetables
• Day # 3: low-fat cottage cheese – 300 g sour-sweet fruit
• Day # 4: boiled chicken and leafy vegetables
• Day # 5: potatoes boiled in the skin – 5 PCs and leafy vegetables
• Day # 6: boiled beef – 3 servings 100 g, greens, cabbage and cucumbers.
• Day # 7: non-starchy vegetables
• Day # 8: sour-sweet fruit
• Day # 9: low-fat yogurt
• Day # 10: a decoction of rose hips

Summer seven-day diet

the duration of the diet – 7 days. You can drink mineral water without gas, green tea, herbal teas, low-calorie brew. The rate of fluid – 2 liters.

Diet menu for 1 day

• Breakfast: 200 ml of milk, toast of black bread (1-2 pieces) with a thin layer of oil, fresh vegetable salad dressed with low-fat sour cream
• lunch: fruit (your choice: apples, pears, oranges) — 1-2 pieces.
• Lunch: diet vegetable soup, meat or fish, boiled – 150 g fresh vegetables
• Snack: fruit or vegetable salad
• Dinner: 50 g low-fat cheese, toast, leafy vegetables

Summer monodiet

This diet combines 7 mono-diet.

• Day # 1: vegetables of the same species (for example cucumbers) – no limits on quantity as well as 1.5 l of mineral water
• Day # 2: fruit (2 kinds) – no limits on quantity but also on 500 ml low-fat drinking yogurt and yogurt
• Day # 3: all the berries and 1.5 l still mineral water
• Day # 4: drink low-fat dairy (for instance, only sour milk or kefir)
• Day # 5: boiled vegetables (any combination)
• Day # 6: apricots, peaches, and 1.5 l still mineral water
• Day # 7: juice made from one type of fruits

Salad diet for 14 days

This diet is 2 weeks. It allows you to lose weight by 5-7 kg. every day we need to enter into the diet of 1 liter of nonfat yogurt. Before Breakfast is recommended to drink a glass of water with lemon juice. Salt falls under the ban. Throughout the day liquid diet include unsweetened green tea, herb tea, water without gas.

Week No. 1
• Breakfast: fruit salad made from Apple, orange, pear and natural yoghurt
• Lunch and dinner (same menu): salad of green vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice and vegetable (preferably olive) oil

Week No. 2
• Breakfast: fruit salad prepared with sweet and sour fruit and berries, dressed with low-fat yogurt
• Lunch: a portion of boiled meat (100 g ready for use) and a light salad of leafy vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice and unrefined vegetable oil
• Dinner: a light salad of leafy vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice and unrefined vegetable oil

Effective diet

This diet is designed for 7-14 days. We encourage you to drink watered down juice, water without gas, herbal teas.

• Breakfast: a serving of low-fat cottage cheese with berries and pieces of fruit, a glass of low-fat yogurt
• Second Breakfast: a Cup of berries
• Lunch: vegetable salad or Breakfast (choice)
• Dinner: stew of vegetables (potatoes should be avoided), 100 g of meat or fish, boiled vegetable and salad


Any summer diet provides a stable weight loss – fiber and organic acids present in vegetables and fruits help cleanse the body and burning fat. It is important to remember that during the diet recommended to drink plenty of unsweetened fluids (unless contraindicated).