Diet on charcoal catalyst

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Briefly about activated carbon

Activated charcoal is obtained by charring organic materials at high temperatures (without air access). Are used in production: wood, birch, beech, poplar, nut shells, fruit pits, bones of large horned animals (the latter has lost relevance). The resulting substance used in medicine (for the treatment of gastro-intestinal tract), and in chemical and food industry.

At its core, activated carbon – neutral product having a highly porous structure. The drug easily absorbs toxic elements, products of decomposition, toxic gases, allergens and excess fluid. Ingesting charcoal absorbs harmful elements and is discharged to the outside (this occurs in 7 – 10 hours).

the debate about whether the activated carbon to lose weight, do not cease. Some people claim the effectiveness of this tool, the others treat it with skepticism (which, it should be noted, is justified).

so, does coal lose weight? The answer is ambiguous. If you combine it with strict low calorie diet or starvation, the effect will certainly be. Eating the same as usual, tangible results can not wait.

What explains the decline in the weight when taking the coal? Because this product is the adsorbent, it actively absorbs excess fluid. Moreover, coal stimulates bowel activity. Due to this and there is a decrease in weight. Needless to say, the result will please long – in the coming days all will be restored.

Variants of diets on activated carbon (how to make)

There are different regimens of activated charcoal.

1. Activated carbon and water

Daily (for 10 days) before Breakfast you need to take 2 activated charcoal tablets with a large glass of water. Over time this diet the body can be cleansed of harmful accumulations (including of excess fluid and stagnant fecal masses).

2. Activated carbon and water fasting

This scheme is similar to the previous with the only difference that the daily ration will consist of coal and water (i.e., provides for water fasting). The duration of this method of cleansing and weight loss should not exceed ten days.

If necessary, to the starvation, you can resort again, waiting after the first phase of 10 days. It is important to remember that this method of weight loss can not only completely healthy people, and it does not hurt to know the opinion of the doctor.

3. Regimen with the calculation of the amount of coal

This scheme requires calculations: your weight, expressed in kilograms, divide by 10. The resulting figure shows individual dosage of tablets of activated charcoal (for example, if you weight 70 kg you need to take 7 pills).

If you have difficulty with the use of large norms of activated carbon, the calculated norm can be approached gradually – in the beginning should take 2 tablets the next day — 3, etc. Needless to say, make the coal must be fractional (2-4 tablets before meals with water).

4. A very easy way of receiving

This scheme allows to avoid calculations, irrespective of body weight is to consume 10 tablets of activated charcoal a day. As in the previous cases, taking the product before meals (3-4 tablets) with water.

5. English recipe

This scheme was popular in Britain in the distant 1880. According to its recommendations, a tablespoon of powdered charcoal to mix with honey and take this remedy for weeks with water.

Specifics of weight loss on activated carbon

it is Extremely important to remember activated charcoal out of the body not only harmful substances, but also useful elements from the food. This is especially true if you exceed the recommended duration of brushing (she is 10-14 days). If you wish to re-use diet on activated carbon, it is necessary to take a break for a few weeks (at least).

do Not forget that excessive coal cleaning can lead to metabolic disorders and to the development of persistent constipation. As coal adsorbs and medication, if necessary, their system of admission is necessary either to abandon the diet, or to maintain separation between the products.

Reviews of doctors

Diet with activated charcoal is not a standalone method of weight loss, but it is perfectly cleanses the body (subject to acceptable terms). Do not rely on miraculous getting rid of excess weight to achieve the desired goal, you will have to work hard.