Comprehensive diet

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To within two months to safely lose 15-20 kg hateful excess weight and not harm the body, but only to revitalize and rejuvenate, useful comprehensive diet. This diet is balanced and not boring, so to withstand it.

the Amount of food intake can be anything, and there can be any number of times. Naturally, the diet wouldn't be diet, not if she bans and restrictions. For example, from the usual menu, you need to eliminate sugar and salt, alcohol, chocolate, flour, mayonnaise. Food should either be cooked or raw. Such a diet provides a unique opportunity to get rid of the hated of ballast in the form of extra pounds and to completely heal the body. In contrast to the fleeting diets, the result of a comprehensive diet persists for a long time.

the Path to the desired result will take place in 7 stages. Each intermediate stage will delight you with visible results. Reduce weight up to four pounds after the first five days (the end of the 1st stage) will allow you to feel a surge of new energy, increase work capacity, improve memory, to be in vital shape. Further, throughout the following stages (2nd to 5th) you will notice a weight loss of 2-3 kg after every three to five days. And at the end of the 5th stage will improve the overall condition of the body disappears shortness of breath, normalizes the heart and blood pressure will come to the physiological norm, in addition to the best state change of the skin, hair. After the 6th stage you will forget about many chronic diseases, and after the 7th will be surprised how rejuvenated and cheered your body.

Table of content:

Stages of complex diets

I stage. Duration 5 days

these days, nutritionists recommend eating beans and cereals – beans, lentils, peas, oats and porridge made from various cereals. In the menu you can enable and boiled potatoes. Dishes to spice up refined vegetable oils. For variety, you can treat yourself to nuts, seeds. Of the preferred drinks of boiled water, vegetable, e.g., tomato juice.

stage II. Duration 5 days

It will be a vegetable stage. Because the menu will consist exclusively of vegetables. Cucumbers and tomatoes, cabbage and radishes, bell pepper and zucchini, garlic and onions. These vegetables can be cooked or used raw in various salads can be seasoned with vegetable oil. To drink these days only need boiled water.

stage III. Duration 5 days

replace the vegetable stage comes fruit. Your diet these days consists only of fruit, juice (fruit), mineral and boiled water. The selection of fruits and their number is unlimited.

stage IV. Duration: 3 days

replace fresh fruits come dried. Dried apricots, raisins, prunes, dates – here is a small list of what is allowed to eat during these three days. You can drink only boiled water.

the fifth stage. Duration: 3 days

these days, sweet tooth rejoice – fans of honey. Honey should be crystalline, yellowish-orange color. This is probably the most difficult stage of a comprehensive diet. But on the way to the cherished goal can bear.

VI stage. Duration 12 days

Repetition. The first three days you eat dried fruit (read menu 4-th stage), the next three days – the feast of fruit (repeat 3rd stage), followed by three days repeat 2nd and 1st in the same sequence.

VII stage. Duration 4 weeks

Now you can eat any food, unbarred a comprehensive diet. But weekly it will be necessary to cleanse the body, arranging his hunger strike in 24-36 hours. During these procedures, you can only drink boiled water.