Diet 13 table

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The purpose of the diet

the Main purpose of the diet is the acceleration of the recovery mechanisms of the body. Diet number 13 does not overload the digestive organs and assists in the removal of microbial toxins. Treatment plan nutrition strengthens the body's defenses.

The main characteristics of the diet 13 table

Food is served in the form of puree. Foods boiled, steamed (not fried, stew and bake them). Diet is chemically, mechanically, thermally sparing the gastrointestinal tract. Temperature of serving: 15°C...65°C. it is recommended to Eat fractionally (6 times per day). This diet can stick to no longer than two weeks.

The chemical composition of the diet and caloric intake

Protein — 75-80 g (30 to 40% of vegetable origin)
• Fats — 60-70 g (30% of vegetable origin)
• Carbohydrates — 300-350 g
• the Energy value of the diet: 2200-2300 kcal.

The content of useful elements

Retinol 2 mg
• Riboflavin 4 mg
• Thiamin 4 mg
• Ascorbic acid — 150 mg
• Niacin 30 mg
• Potassium — 3.8 g
• Iron — 0,020 g
• Sodium — 3 g
• Magnesium — 0,5 g
• Calcium — 0.8 g
• Phosphorus — 1.6 g

the rate of fluid — 2.5 l (liquid promotes rapid removal of toxins and improve the patient's condition). The amount of salt is reduced to 6 g

Menu diet 13 table

• Wheat bread flour (in the form of crackers or dried)
• low-Fat rather weak meat and fish broths and soups based on them with the quenelle, egg flakes
• Soups of meat, slimy soups, soups with well-cooked cereal (use rice, semolina and oat cereals)
• Soups with noodles and vegetables
• Lean meats and fish in the form of puree and souffle steam cutlets and ricadela
• Milk, dairy products and fermented milk drinks: kefir, acidophilus milk, fresh cheese, mild grated cheese, sour cream (it adds to the dish)
• Unsalted butter
• Eggs (cook them soft-boiled, is prepared in the form of a steam omelette)
• Good welded viscous semi-liquid porridge with milk or broth (rice, buckwheat, oats)
• Vegetables — patients are advised to eat stew, vegetable caviar, vegetable purees, souffle and steam the puddings (in the midst of the disease fresh vegetables to eat is not worth it)
• non-rigid Fresh berries and fruits, thermally processed or mechanically (it is served in the form of puree, mousses and fresh fruit juice, diluted with water in proportion 1:1)
• Compotes, jellies, fruit drinks, jam, jellies, marmalade, sugar, honey, jam
• Loosely brewed tea, coffee with milk or lemon, broth hips

Excluded products

• Rye and fresh bread, butter cakes
• appetizers
• Fat broth
• Fatty meats, fish, poultry
• Sausages, salted fish, smoked products, canned food
• Eggs, hard-boiled or fried
• Fatty dairy products
• Millet, barley and barley grits
• Pasta
• Products cause flatulence
• Fruits high in fiber
• strong brewed tea and coffee
• Alcohol


Diet 13 table enhances the protective functions of the body – adhering therapeutic nutrition plan can significantly accelerate the healing process.