Cardiac diet

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In order to prevent the risk of heart attack and other cardiovascular diseases cardiologists recommend monthly to undergo a seven-day diet can reduce the tension of the heart muscle, reduce salt and sodium in the blood significantly lower cholesterol, which subsequently have a beneficial effect on the body as a whole.

Cardiac diet is also good for people leading unhealthy lifestyle – abusing alcohol, nicotine, leading a sedentary lifestyle. In addition to this regular course of cardiac diet people are overweight, there is a disappearance of extra pounds that can impact positively on the overall well-being.

to Comply with the above diet is a snap. Enough just one week during the month to cancel a number of products and, if necessary, to change the usual ways of cooking. Fried foods will have to be replaced by boiled or baked, as well as to reduce the consumption of salt and sugar.

Nutritionists advise to give up any fatty foods, such meats as lamb, pork. In addition, it is necessary to exclude from the diet of fatty fish and foods containing large amounts of salt. Such products include canned fish and meat, smoked meats, various types of sausages, chips, canned goods, especially canned vegetables. They need to forget, at least for a week. Forbidden foods, the so-called "instant noodles", fatty dairy products, cheese, mayonnaise, alcoholic and carbonated drinks, butter and sweet pastries are also need seven days to be out of work.

eat lean meats (chicken breast, Turkey, lean beef) and sea fish (cod, haddock, salmon trout) milk and dairy products with minimal fat, fresh vegetables and fruits, dried fruits, wholegrain bread or rye flour. Of the preferred drink fresh juices from vegetables and fruits, various teas, for example, of the hips. Occasionally, and in small amounts instead of sugar you can use its substitutes.

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Menu cardiac diet

despite the apparent limitations of allowed foods, menus cardiac diet is quite diverse.

For Breakfast you can eat various cereals (oat, corn), cooked in skim milk, with addition of pieces of fresh fruit, dried fruit or sunflower seeds, and sesame seeds. Toast with fruit jams, cheese, savoury granola and fruit salads, dressed with low-fat yogurt diversify the menu cardiac diet. From drinks in the morning to drink fruit juices or herbal teas.

the lunch menu consists mainly of vegetable soups and Bosnich meatballs, various salads with white chicken meat with addition of grains of sweet corn, cabbage, sunflower seeds, salads of legumes, for example lentils from sprouted cereals, stuffed vegetables, mashed potatoes. It is possible and the sandwiches from whole wheat flour.

For dinner, as a rule, recommend a variety of quiches (chicken, beans), boiled or baked fish (trout, cod), pasta with tomato sauce, noodles with mushrooms, stewed meat birds (chicken). For a side dish you can serve fresh vegetables and also vegetables, steamed greens, boiled unpolished rice.

Before bed useful every day to drink either a glass of skim kefir or yogurt, or herbal tea or broth hips.