Salt-free diet of Wellness Gerson

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Many of the modern diets were designed by professional doctors, who were trying to bring under it scientific base. There is even the term "diet", i.e. "health food". It is often the key to successful treatment and General health improvement.

In this article we will look at the diet of the German doctor max Gerson, which is key to the health of a person is considered a salt.... He believed that human health is directly dependent on how and in what quantity he uses this product. He developed the theory that salt is an activator or catalyst of many diseases. His method of healing he experienced on himself, getting rid of chronic migraine.

The essence of the diet Curzon

Developing his theory, Curzon experimented not only with sick patients, but also with each other. So he determined that feels great, if for several days consume herbal salted food, followed by fresh meat and fish. In his opinion, there are fish and meat need only fresh, but if they can add salt, then the body must be cleansed. Then a few days in a row should be consumed only raw vegetables and lots of fruit. "Harmful" for the body salt can be output at once and has for some time. Gerson argued that with this diet you can get rid of gastric ulcer, tuberculosis and even cancer.

Thus, offering a fully or partially salt-free diet to his patients, the doctor believed that it not only helps to completely heal from serious diseases, but also contributes to the overall health of the body, getting rid of excess weight. Curzon believed that the extra weight is the result of human consumption of salt. Salt prevents the timely withdrawal of excess water from the body, therefore appear unnecessary pounds. A few days is not enough to limit the use of this product – need more to drink. So, Curzon estimated that if a few days have fresh food in the body remains optimal daily dose of 4 g. of urine a day should get 2 liters of liquid and 6 g of salt. And thus, as a result of only a few salt-free days we lose about 2.5 kg of excess weight!

What are the principles of the diet of M. Gerson?

the Main thing is that you should be only products that bring our body a real favor. They are mentioned above. It should also be remembered that the body of any person can not digest an unlimited number of products. Products he needed to maintain the required balance of strength and energy for successful work of all organs and systems. A sick person of food and drink need only those that will help him to get better. Thus, everything that does not meet these requirements, is the food rubbish, trash, cluttering up our body and lead him to the disease. A healthy person, to avoid all this, you should try to eat to prevent as many vegetables and fruits, and even better – their juices. Even from the water, a useless beverage, should be abandoned in their favor. In the early days many diets on Hersonu need to consume only vegetable and fruit juices.

Gerson was categorically opposed to food stimulants such as tea, coffee, herbs, spices, vinegar, pepper, tobacco, and alcohol. He believed that this "poison" that prevents the human body to function normally. It is cluttering up gradually the whole body and this leads to the fact that gradually the person is not able to deal with it. This "poison" affects primarily the circulatory system. The blood is gradually changing its composition for the worse, and it means that deteriorates the flow to all organs and tissues of the body of valuable nutrients. Thus, the body is "loaded" with harmful toxins. Products, delivering them in the body, in addition to the above, Gerson considered any baking (except for salt-free bread), pickles, marinades, sauces, smoked products, canned food. He advised salt ready meals to a minimum.

my Favorite very high quality and nutritious dish is full of vitamins, he considered vegetables, cooked in a sealed pot. But vegetables without salt is very pleasant to the taste, if you cook them in a airtight pot. In addition, it preserves a lot of vitamins. From this follows another rule is that you should be only natural, grown on the land of products. So you can not eat products made with white flour, refined sugar, refined rice, eggs if laying hens fed different additives.

As mentioned above, the main pledge of health of Gerson considered timely urination. It needs a lot to drink, and drink vegetable and fruit juices, herbal teas. Water unacceptable because a bad influence on the gastric juice and makes digestion slow. Deteriorates and heart. Juices and broths on the contrary, affect the stomach, kidneys, and heart is very favorable and, consequently, the body just get rid of excess fluid and unwanted pounds. He advises and sick and healthy people to drink a glass of any juice for two hours, thereby helping the body get rid of toxins. Interestingly, in his opinion, the juices from the vegetables healthier than fruits.

There is need to drink slowly. You need to eat food in small portions, and drink juices in small SIPS. It is necessary that the fluid food properly mixed with saliva. In this case the food is metabolized completely and without problems such as heaviness, bloating, flatulence, heartburn.

It is important to know

the Most interesting point – such a diet can not sit for a long time and constantly. As soon as there was improvement, diet immediately need to change, otherwise it will disappear the whole effect. The optimal period to diet is 3 to 7 days.

Another important point – all people are different vegetables and fruits. For example, one cucumber help, and second they cause diarrhea. Many of them are allergenic. Do not eat nuts in asthma and tuberculosis. Frequent eating beans and cauliflower are fraught with heartburn, cardiac complications. So choose the suited fruits and vegetables every man needs, taking into account individual peculiarities of the organism.