Old English diet

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General information

Diet was not only used to maintain ephemeral slenderness of the pupils, but also as spiritual education (it was necessary to accustom the girls to humility, and abstinence from every kind of temptation). The program duration is 5 days. This "limit" is easily explained on weekend, many pupils left the boarding house. To maintain the "pale look" was made to stick to the diet a few times a year – after the holidays and after the end of winter (that is when usually there is excess weight). Diet menu is not very diverse, but and eliminates unnecessary spending. Weight loss 5 days may differ significantly – the rate of weight loss depends on initial body weight (the higher it is, the greater the plumb you get). For small surplus you will lose weight by 3-4 kg, but in severe obesity by 5-7 kg. the basis of the diet products available that provide the body with necessary nourishment. "English" the menu includes oatmeal, eggs, vegetables, legumes, fruit and cheese. Fat burning effects supports black tea – it invigorates, reduces appetite and speeds up metabolism.

Please note a small subtlety: in the menu there is a jam. It needs to be minimally sweet. If sour jam could not be found, replace it with fruit puree (e.g., buy a jar of baby food). Sugar during the diet can not be used. It is highly desirable to completely abandon the salt – it increases the effectiveness of following the meal plan. Black tea if you don't like, you can replace it with green – this drink is more useful for our body, and in addition, provides a pronounced fat burning effect. By the way, the tea should be drunk 4 times a day (Breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner). If the feeling of hunger is stalking you, you can add more tea.

Diet diet


For Breakfast eat a portion of oatmeal and drink a Cup of black tea. The lunch menu includes a Cup of chicken broth, slice of bread and tea. After a couple hours you can drink another Cup of tea. Dinner is supposed to drink a Cup of tea and eat a sandwich (slice of bread with a thin layer of unsalted butter).


remains the same Breakfast (porridge and tea). In the afternoon treat yourself to a hearty sandwich consisting of a slice of bread, butter and slice of cheese. Complete the meal with boiled eggs (1-2 pieces). Afternoon tea – just black tea, and dinner, only apples.


For Breakfast have a Cup of tea with 1/3 Cup of sour jam. For lunch cook chicken drumsticks, drink tea. Afternoon tea, as always, is tea. Dinner supposed to eat a serving of cooked beans.


again Breakfast consists of oatmeal and tea. For lunch, boil or cook in the form of steam omelet 3 eggs, a Cup of tea. Dine on fruits – eat 2 pears.


For Breakfast, eat a sandwich (bread, butter and cheese), drink tea. Lunch will again cook a chicken leg, complete diet skimmed milk. Afternoon tea – only tea and dinner – boiled in their jackets potatoes.


old English is a low-calorie diet has a number of contraindications. It is not necessary to begin having problems with the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. This diet should not be followed during pregnancy and lactation and in young age (of nutrients is absolutely insufficient for normal functioning of the organism).


old English diet provides a good plumb line, with a note that the slimming process is not accompanied by a strong feeling of hunger. The fact that frequent tea reduce appetite, and sandwiches pretty well saturated.