Diet for food lovers

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For every person to adhere to a particular diet is very stranded. Especially for those who love a tasty meal. These people should at least be two weeks removed from its usual menu of high-calorie and fatty foods. To provide the daily requirement of nutrients in the body needs to be alternated in the morning, at lunch, afternoon and dinner options selected diet.

for Those who like to eat out every day you can eat any vegetables — cooked, raw, or cooked in a double boiler. You need to avoid vegetables pozarnych vegetable or animal fat. Any types of oil to try not to use, even for salads. Suitable additives from vinegar and herbs. Daily intake of calories: for men — a maximum of 1600 for women - 1200. Counting must be done with any flow of food into the body. For fans of roasted potatoes we remind you that 100 gr. contains 260 kcal.

For dessert, you can eat fruit, but not any. Remember — grapes, figs, persimmon is a nutritious fruit with high sugar content. If desired, instead of fruit, you can drink a wine glass of dry wine or two glasses of aperitif and eat two slices of bread with 15 gr. cheese or drink a glass of beer.

Menu for those who love to eat:


Example I: 25 gr. cook oatmeal on the water, you can additionally drink 0.5 glass of milk, eat one Apple or one citrus.

Example II: 25 gr. oatmeal + 140 ml. of dairy products with a small percentage of fat.

Example III: 100 gr. beans + toast from flour of coarse grinding.

Example IV: 2 fish balls, sarannya grilled + tomato+ bread.

Lunch menu

Example I: a loaf of bread or a sandwich. From such ingredients as 25 grams. cheese "cheddar" and spoon pickles, 75 g. tuna in natural sauce and a cucumber, 75 g. cheese and one banana, 50 grams. ham, tomato and mustard, 125 gr. soft cheese and yogurt with a small percentage of fat, a jar of crab paste, small bag of chips or cookies.

case II: potatoes cooked in their jackets 200 g. and 150 gr. beans.

Example III: a large plate of cut vegetables or salad 75 gr. shrimp, bread with bran - 2 slices, 175 gr. strawberries.

Example IV: low-calorie soup — 1 portion, 100g. fillets of lean fish, bread with margarine slathered on top.

Example V: ready cheeseburger, 1 Apple.

Dinner menu

Example I: 125 gr. chop, slice of pineapple, 125 g. potatoes cooked in their skins. 1 teaspoon of margarine.

case II: 250 gr. chicken without skin, baked in the oven, one small potato, a plate of vegetable salad.

Example III: 200 gr. sole fillet, 125 gr. chips.

Example IV: 2 fish balls, 75 gr. croquettes of potatoes, 2 tablespoons of beans.

Example V: crab sticks, 100 grams. chips, 50 grams. peas.

Examples of fruit

Example I: an Apple.

case II: orange.

Example III: pear.

Example IV: small peach.

Example V: 125 gr. cherries.

Example VI: 2 of the kiwi.

Example VII: 75 gr. grapes.

Example VIII: 75 gr. pineapple.

Example IX: 175 gr. strawberries or raspberries.

Example of X: 2 Mandarin.