BUTCH diet

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The essence of the diet

As already mentioned, this diet is designed for athletes who have completed the stage of adding weight in wishing to remove fat and appeared to draw muscles. In the original version it is quite complicated and is monitoring tools. Having received wide recognition, this technique 'adapted' to the requirements of the average person.

BUTCH Diet is based on the alternation of protein and carbohydrate. It takes into account the processes occurring in our body. It is known that the main source of energy is glycogen stored in liver cells and muscle. Fat is kind of untouchable reserve – with him, our bodies parted reluctantly. The principle of alternation of protein and starchy foods depletes the glycogen stores, protects muscles from destruction and starts the fat burning process.

Scheme diet

There are quite a number of striping schemes, but the greatest interest for the "average" user is given option below.

• Days 1 and 2: protein loading with a significant limitation of the provisions of carbohydrates (per 1 kg of body weight should be 1.5-2 grams of protein and no more than 0.5-1 g of carbohydrates)
• Day # 3: increase in standard of carbohydrates with a reduction in the proportion of protein (per 1 kg of body weight should be 0.5-1 g protein and 2-4 g net carbs)
• Day # 4: mixed menu with an average amount of protein and carbohydrates (per 1 kg of body weight should have about 1 g of protein and 1.5 g carbs)

Further, the scheme of alternation is repeated. A more extreme version of this diet is the alternation of 5-minute protein 2 carbohydrate days. The amount of fat is regulated (they account for 10-15% of daily caloric intake). It is important not to abuse the fatty foods (the priority should be healthy fats: vegetable oils, fish oil, etc.).

Sample menu

the Scheme, for 4 days, is considered the most convenient. Her sample menu is shown below. The diet can be changed – it is only important to consider the amount of protein and carbohydrates contained in the food.

Days 1 and 2
• Breakfast: leafy green vegetables with lemon juice, steam protein omelet (4-6 proteins) with dill and unsweetened tea (coffee)
• lunch: protein shake, cooked in low-fat milk or 150g cottage cheese with low content of carbohydrates (up to 3 g/100 g of product)
• Lunch: chicken and a couple slices of grapefruit
• Afternoon tea: boiled green beans and 100 grams of veal
• Dinner: steam fish, 150 g broccoli (dressing: olive oil and lemon juice)
• Before bed: protein shake (in the presence of strength training)

Day # 3
• Breakfast: portion of oatmeal (200 g), cooked in low-fat milk with addition of dried fruits
• lunch: sweet fruit (e.g. banana), 20 g of seeds or nuts
• Lunch: 200 g of the porridge of brown rice, boiled green beans, 100 g steam chicken
• Snack: half serving of buckwheat or whole grain pasta with vegetable sauce
• Dinner: slice of wholemeal bread, vegetable salad, about 60 g, steam fish

Day # 4
• Breakfast: oatmeal on the water with a spoon of honey, as well as a steam omelette of 3 proteins
• Second Breakfast: toast, 0.5 tsp honey, yogurt
• Lunch: chicken fillet (200 g), a porridge of brown rice (100 g), lettuce, leafy vegetables
• dinner: a slice of bran bread, a little cheese (cheese, fish), salad, leafy vegetables
• Dinner: 200 g of protein-rich cottage cheese with chopped herbs (can be replaced with protein shake)


BUTCH diet is not suitable those who have problems with the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys and liver. It is not recommended and serious surplus body weight (in the latter case, a more balanced diet with strict control of calories).


BUTCH diet is more suitable athletes. Reviews say that it is easy to sustain the feeling of hunger arises. Weight loss is due of fat – this is the main advantage of this method.