Candy candy diet

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an Effective solution to our question may well be a diet based on candy, but rather on the candy. Should take the example of climbers that in order to feel hungry, just eat candy. They really dull the feeling of hunger.

Nutritionists have concluded that it may be an excellent option for those who wish to get rid of excess weight. In a day can eat about 75 grams of the candy, thus saving a lot of food that I wanted to use. However, to not be constantly sucking lozenges, this must be done when there is an overwhelming sense of hunger.

How to use the diet

of Course, this diet will not allow you to get rid of tens of pounds per month, however in some cases people need to know that they were able to remove the extra few pounds. Candy is quite possible to replace dinner. This should be a meal in 16 hours, and then, instead of dinner, satisfy yourself with a couple of lollipops. You should pay attention to candy, which contain a number of vitamins. So this is a great option if You don't want to lose vital vitamins from the food that You donated.

It is necessary to know

If You decide to complete the diet based on candy, we should not immediately start taking familiar food in the same amount. This should be done slowly and carefully. In any ambiguous situations should consult a doctor.

it is Worth mentioning the advantages of the chocolate diet. Unlike most other solutions, there's no problem to eat sweet products. For many, this is an important argument. In addition, nutritionists say that after the diet, people no longer eat foods in the amounts in which they had used previously. This diet does not affect adversely on Your stomach. Candies can boast that their use reduces the need for water, which is required in other diets. Also the cost of such a solution is extremely small. Do not spend money on expensive pills and herbs, the cost of candy is small, and to afford them and everyone can.

Everything is good in moderation

you Should also say a few words about the shortcomings. Using this diet, calcium reserves in Your body will be gradually reduced. That though as-that to struggle with this problem, you need to consume a number of dairy products. Also the problem may relate to the state of Your teeth. We all know that sweet, negatively affects the tooth enamel, and therefore in this matter the main thing is not to overdo it. The duration of this diet should not be too long, need to stop.