Diet 7 table

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The purpose of the diet

Diet №7 creates favorable conditions for the work of the kidneys on the background of their inflammatory lesions. Therapeutic nutritional plan increases the effectiveness of treatment – this happens due to the normalization of metabolic processes in the tissues of the kidney.

Diet 7 the table provides anti-allergic action, stimulates the process of urination, relieves edema, normalizes blood pressure, restores the water-electrolyte balance.

Characteristics diet

Diet is characterized by moderate restriction of protein intake. It respects the physiological norm of carbohydrates and fats. A significant limitation is subject to a number of salt – food is prepared without it (small amount of salt is handed to the patient).

the rate of fluid intake is restricted to 800 ml. Completely eliminated extractives. Patients are advised a diet rich in vitamins and minerals.

you need to Eat fractionally to 6 times a day. Culinary processing of food can be various – products are allowed to not only boil, bake and stew, but fried. The serving temperature of the dishes does not matter (any valid options).

The chemical composition of the diet

Protein — 70 g (50% of vegetable origin)
• Fats — 80-90 g (30% of vegetable origin)
• Carbohydrates — 300-360 g

the Average daily caloric intake is 2400 kcal.

Useful part of the diet

• Sodium is 2.3 g
• Phosphorus — 1.6 g
• Iron — 0.06 g
• Calcium — 1 g
• Magnesium — 0.4 g
• Potassium — 4.4 g
• vitamin a (retinol) — 0,3 mg
• Carotene — 8.5 mg
• Vitamin B1 (thiamine) — 1.7 mg
• Niacin 20 mg
• Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 150 mg
• Riboflavin 2.5 mg

the Norm of salt is limited to 5 grams per day.

Recommended products

• protein-free bread
• Branny, wheat, salt-free bread
• Vegetarian soups with vegetables, cereals, pasta, seasoned with butter (to improve the taste we recommend adding the lemon juice and herbs)
• Starting from the second week: meat low-fat varieties, boiled (after boiling the meat can be fried), dishes from chopped meat
• Lean fish (boiled, baked)
• Eggs in the form of steam scrambled or boiled soft boiled (1-2 pieces a day)
• Milk, fresh cheese and dishes based on it (casseroles, pudding), milk drinks
• Potatoes, beets, carrots, cauliflower, tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, dill, parsley (vegetables can be eaten fresh and is subjected to heat treatment)
• Fresh or boiled fruits and berries
• Melons – cantaloupe, watermelon
• Fruit purees, jelly, mousse
• Sugar, jam, honey, jam
• Pasta and cereals in limited quantity (mostly used sago and diet pasta)
• Fats – any except refractory
• Vegetable, milk, sour cream, fruit sauce
• Sweet gravy
• Loosely brewed tea (add milk)
• a Decoction of black currant and rose hips
• Fruit, vegetable and berry juices, diluted with water in proportion 1:1

Excluded products

• Black and non-dietary bread
• Any pickles
• Any soups, except vegetable (do not eat fish, meat, mushroom broth)
• Fatty fish, meat, poultry
• Any sausage
• Smoked
• Any canned food
• Salty fish
• Cheese
• Legumes, onions, sorrel, garlic, mushrooms
• Pickled, salted, pickled vegetables
• Chocolate, cocoa
• strong brewed coffee
• Alcohol
• Mineral water enriched with sodium.

Sample menu diet 7 table

all day:
• Salt-free or branny bread 200-300 g
Sugar 75 g

• the First Breakfast pudding with apples and sago, vegetable salad, tea with milk
• lunch: seasonal fruit – 100 g, baked pumpkin
• Lunch: vegetable soup (half portion), boiled meat with white sauce with a prefabricated side dish, Apple compote
• Afternoon tea: fruit juice or fruit fresh
• Dinner: dish of potatoes or pilaf on the basis of the sago with fruit and prunes, tea with sugar
• overnight: fruit juice

when Making a meal, it is worth remembering that the rate of free liquid must not exceed 800 ml. From the first dishes she increased to one and a half liters.


Diet 7 table facilitates the work of the patient's body. Reviews say that the improvement comes not at once – the body needs time to fully clean and restore. An important component of success is the compliance with doctor's recommendations.