Eastern rich diet

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This diet provides a unique combination of low-calorie seven day diet and nutrition, do not involve full fasting. This happens due to the fact that it is allowed to consume about 1700 calories a day.

the duration of the diet lasts only seven days, but in this short period, you need to give up sweets and alcoholic beverages. Nutritionists recommend to drink mineral water, and products – fruit and vegetables, in order for the body to adequately receive minerals and vitamins.

Most popular diet a week should become for you rice, contributing to the cleansing of the body and containing a sufficient amount of nutrients.

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Menu, East week

1. The first day is quite meager, but the right combination of foods will prevent feelings of hunger. Morning surgery start a fresh cabbage salad. In the afternoon, give preference to rice (only a little!) and vegetable salad, this time of carrots. The evening meal may consist of slaves, steamed (no more than 150 grams) and bread with leaves of lettuce.

2. Cook rice porridge with milk and drink Apple juice. This will give you a charge of vivacity and energy for the whole day. At lunchtime eat 200gramm fish easy, fruit salad (avoid bananas and pineapples). You can afford a juice of peach or orange. For dinner, treat yourself to lean meat (200gramm), lettuce with lemon juice and orange. Don't forget the mineral water!

3. Make a fruit salad (200g) and wash down with orange juice. In day time you can afford cooked beans(250 grams) and cabbage salad, seasoned with lemon juice. Eat a piece of bread, drinking mineral water. In the evening, fry the mushrooms (250 grams) with one potato and of course mineral water.

4. In the morning, drink Apple juice, eat some fruit – an orange or an Apple. Day – cook cauliflower rice, eat an Apple and a piece of bread. Wash down with mineral water. Few potatoes and 200 grams of boiled fish with bread, you can eat for dinner.

5. Again milk rice porridge and mineral water for Breakfast. While for lunch a mix of conventional and sea cabbage (200 grams), bread and water. For dinner a salad of carrots and cabbage with rice bread and mineral water.

6. And again start your day with a vitamin carrot salad, complemented by bread. During the day snack and mixed vegetables, washed down with Apple juice. Don't forget about the bread. The third meal should include rice and lettuce. You can also pamper yourself with a half of a grapefruit.

7. Vitamin charge for Breakfast implies prunes, apricots and apples. Instead drink mineral water. At lunchtime eat races with fruits and honey (150 grams) and water. In the evening you can afford 150 grams of fish and 200 grams of seaweed with a slice of bread. Drink is as always mineral water.