Fat diet by Jan Kwasniewski

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Jan Kwasniewski, dietitian and therapist. His method he is promoting as a treatment for various ailments, and even that rarely, if ailments of the digestive system.

the First and one of its most important tips you need to eat in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere, chewing food for a long time. Should not speak about any distracting factors – even running TV and books. After eating we definitely need a little rest, minimum 15 minutes for physical activity should be at least 2-3 hours.

These recommendations simple, clear and many are. But here is a list of recommended foods don't like exactly the same number of people.

He believes that for human consumption are suitable only those foods that are rapidly absorbed and allow the person to obtain enough energy. That is animal products and that fat and meat. The rest of the food he recommends either eliminated or consumed in smaller quantities. Vegetable products, in his opinion, only bother stomach knowing how much they contain water, it is better to drink a couple of glasses of liquid. In meat, in his opinion, contains sufficient for life vitamins. Gluten is present in bread, is poorly absorbed, and therefore it should be deleted.

Fat diet by Jan Kwasniewski

involves 5-8 eggs a day, milk, and best of cream, meat, fat, offal, cheese. Allowed fewer potatoes, pasta and bakery products.

There can be any number, but to start it you need not swoop. The doctor says that this diet increases alertness and mood, causes the weight to the required average values. Dieting weight and maintain the body level.

Despite the fact that this diet for weight loss can easily be called strange and even paradoxical, it has enough followers. They follow her long enough and feel like they are saying, fine.

One example of a menu for the day:

Breakfast – scrambled eggs, two eggs is the minimum slice of bread, which should soak up the grease, tea without sugar.

Lunch – 150 grams of pork chops, which needs to be fried in breadcrumbs and egg, a little potato, which should be rubbed in the fat from under the loin, and pickled cucumber.

Dinner should consist mainly of milk products — curd, thick cream.