Diet Anastasiya Zharinova

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Dreaming about a breathtaking career in the modeling business, the heroine of this article has managed in 3 weeks to lose 14 pounds overweight. Diet Anastasiya Zharinova is based on only 5 products. Wanting to repeat the feat of beauty, pay attention to the menu below.

Anastasiya Zharinova always dreamed of becoming a model. Unfortunately, early motherhood provided an unpleasant "side effect" — the figure of a girl lost harmony.

the Bright appearance of our heroine did not go unnoticed at the auditions it was identified, but it is suggested to lose appreciable excess weight. Having collected will in a fist, she decided to follow the recommendations of experts. It reviewed not only the diet, but the mode of food intake. Future contestant on "Top model in Russian" has refused from sweet, flour products and late meals.

Diet menu Anastasiya Zharinova

During the diet in the daily menu girls had 5 deliveries.

• Breakfast: 200 g granular (low calorie) cottage cheese and green apples (1-2 PCs.)
• 15 minutes before lunch: 250 ml of tomato juice
• Lunch: half of boiled chicken breast (without skin)
• 15 minutes before dinner: 250 ml of tomato juice
• Dinner: half of boiled chicken breast (without skin) and boiled eggs (1-2 pieces)
• Snacks: green apples

the Last meal: up to 20.00. To drink throughout the day, tea, coffee, herbal infusions (without sugar). With a strong sense of hunger, it is recommended to drink in small SIPS a glass of warm boiled water. Salt can be used, but the sugar and fats are totally eliminated.

How does diet?

the Effectiveness of diet Anastasiya Zharinova for weight loss is based on the range of products used.

Chicken contains almost no fat, but provides the body with high doses of protein. This product perfectly nourishes and gives strength. One of the components of chicken meat is glutamine – a substance that helps the body to burn fat.

the Tomato juice comprises a lycopene. The substance acts in the area of "saturation" by blocking hunger. Glass of juice contains about 12 calories, and the appetite neutralizes about an hour. Due to the fact that juice precedes the lunch and dinner during the diet cannot get enough of minimal portions of food.

Milk protein present in curd is absorbed without residue, and the calcium stimulates the process of burning fat.

Chicken eggs have a relatively low energy value, but have a complete nutritional composition. Eggs contain vitamins (A, K, F, B1, B6, D, E) and minerals (calcium, selenium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, molybdenum, cobalt, copper, iodine, fluorine, manganese).

Apples contain soluble and insoluble fiber, making clean the intestines and contribute to the rapid burning of fatty tissue. When the low caloric content, they, like eggs, encouraging a complete nutritional composition (especially a lot of apples iron and vitamin C).


Diet Anastasiya Zharinova – quite hard methods of weight loss seriously curtail caloric intake. It is worth remembering that too fast weight loss brings body benefits – this rate inevitably leads to the development of health problems.