Diet in hepatitis

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Diet for hepatitis is used during the treatment of chronic hepatitis benign and progressive course with mild severe symptoms of functional insufficiency of the liver and in the stage of compensation.

the Amount of proteins, carbohydrates and fats in the diet for hepatitis is determined by the physiological needs of the body. Excluded from the diet are strong stimulants of gastric secretion and pancreas, fried foods and foods rich in cholesterol and purines.

Diet for hepatitis is enriched with vegetables and fruit, the cell membrane which enhance the choleretic effect of other food substances, promote the intestines, ensuring the excretion of cholesterol.

calorie content and composition of the diet: proteins (100-110 grams); fats (80-100 grams); carbs (400-500 grams); (2600-3100 kcal). Weight daily diet diet hepatitis no more than 3.5 kg. Power fractional, five to six times a day.

Recommended products:

bread and flour products;
salads (meat, fish, vegetable);
— sausages (doctor, dairy, diet);
soups (dairy pasta, vegetables, cereals, vegetable broth, fruit, soup, soup without meat; beetroot, hash)
— potatoes and vegetables (raw, boiled, steamed, baked);
— seafood;
— vinaigrettes;
— fish boiled, stuffed, herring;
— mild and low-fat cheese;
— onions;
cereals and macaroni products;
— porridge from different cereals.
— eggs (yolks no more than one day).
— milk and dairy products;
— creamy and refined vegetable oil (olive, sunflower, etc.);
— fish (cod, perch, hake, saffron cod, pike, carp, etc.) preferably not in bold;
— meat and poultry (beef, chicken, rabbit);
sauces (sour cream, dairy, fruit, vegetable broth);
— spices (Bay leaf, dill, parsley, vanillin, cinnamon);
— fruits and berries (except sour);
— sweets (jam, sugar, honey, candy, jam);
— drinks (tea with milk, coffee with milk, sweet fruit and berry and vegetable juices).

Not desired products:

bread, articles of fancy and puff pastry products with cream and fried pies.
— cold — spicy and fatty snacks, canned goods, meats, soups;
— vegetables (radish, radish, turnip, rutabaga, sorrel, spinach, rhubarb, garlic) is also not sour, salty and pickled.
— eggs (boiled and fried);
— cream, sharp cheese;
— fats (pork, beef, lamb and goose);
fatty, smoked and salted fish;
— fatty meats and fowl;
— offal (liver, kidney, brain;
sauces (meat, fish and mushroom);
— spices (mustard, pepper, horseradish);
— berries (cranberry, red currant, the gooseberry);
— chocolate.
ice cream.
— coffee black, cocoa and soda.

it is Also not desirable in the diet in hepatitis foods rich in nitrogenous extractive substances, cholesterol and oxalic acid.

Food for diets are prepared boiled, baked, occasionally — stewed.