White milk diet

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We will tell you one of the most effective ways to lose weight and it is white milk diet. It is so called because at its core it consists mainly of milk and dairy foods. The most ideal option, if all of the products with minimum fat content.

White milk diet for weight loss

Before receiving write must be sure to drink a glass of mineral carbonated water. In this diet, you can include any low-fat products, as well should include a variety of fruits.

food diet this diet is recommended from three days to a week. This will allow you to lose weight up to 5 kg. you Need to remember that before you start to use the recommendations of any diet, should consult a doctor, you should make sure that you will be not harmful diet and your stomach will not harm dairy products.

so, let's look at what is in the diet of our diet:

For Breakfast 150 g of Natural yoghurt with a minimum percentage of fat, 1 fruit or quite a bit of prunes, one Cup with a spoonful of chalk or weak coffee with milk.

In the afternoon 100g. Oatmeal in low fat milk or water 200 g low-fat cottage cheese and a glass of nonfat milk.

For lunch 1 egg, boiled in steep, salad with cucumbers and tomatoes which we dressed with natural yogurt or cottage cheese with added fruit, 1 Cup sour milk or kefir.

At dinner, 1 fruit or a few prunes, 150 g low-fat yogurt.