Diet rotavirus in a child

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Information about the disease

the Source of infection can be a virus carrier without symptoms of the disease, and a sick man. The incubation period of rotavirus is 1-5 days. Then there are acute symptoms: cramping, acute abdominal pain, vomiting, diarrhea, fever, General malaise. The disease ends after 4-7 days after the onset of acute symptoms. As a rule, have been ill with rotavirus the child develops a strong immunity. Because the signs of this disease are similar to symptoms of cholera, poisoning and salmonellosis, treatment must appoint a physician.

Diet during rotavirus infection

Diet is prescribed for the rotavirus in a child, is designed to reduce the burden on the digestive organs, prevent dehydration, speed up the recovery. In fact, it is the main method of treatment (none of the drugs are not able to cope with rotavirus infection).

to normalize digestion and prevent vomiting, should follow a fractional power mode drink, and food we need to give very small portions, but with a small interval. As a rule, in the first days the appetite of the sick child is absent. You can not force him to eat – the patient can be offered unsweetened, fairly strong tea, homemade jelly, low-fat chicken broth. After the appearance of the appetite, you can transfer the child to the diet. Up to normalization of stool all the products are crushed, well, then heated, or baked, without formation of rough brown.

the rotavirus eliminate from the diet of cow's milk – it is the perfect breeding ground for infection. Should give up sugar and all sweets, pastries, black bread, raw vegetables and fruits. Also banned:
• Fresh bread, pastries
• Rich broth, borscht, cabbage soup
• Fatty meats, sausages
• Fatty, salty, smoked fish and canned fish
• Pasta
• Barley and pearl barley, millet
• Radishes, cabbage, radish, onions, garlic, cucumbers
• Chocolate, cocoa

Recommended foods (after recovery of appetite)
• Homemade crackers from white loaf (crust before drying should be cut off)
• Rice and semolina porridge on the water (without oil)
• Fat-free broth
• Steam scrambled eggs (1 egg per day)
• fresh Grated cheese
• Soups with boiled barley or well cooked vegetables (you can cook on weak broth)
• Steam meatballs and burgers (fish or meat)
• Carrot puree
• Baked apples
• Plast marmalade
• Dairy products (acidophilus milk, ACTIVIA, lactobacillin, Bifidok)

Diet rotavirus in infants

If sick infant, it should not be weaned from the breast – breast milk contains the necessary nutrients and immunoglobulins (the latter help to fight infection). In the acute phase of the introduction of supplementary feeding will have to abstain. If the baby is fed artificial mixtures, it is transferred to a dairy-free cereals and mixes not containing lactose.

Liquid diet

As you know, the rotavirus is not to prevent dehydration. A liquid diet includes not only water but also teas and decoctions of the dried berries (blueberry raspberry). Drink you need to give as often as possible, but gradually. Doctors in this period is recommended to make a solution regidron. Because the taste of the medicinal drink is very specific, children may refuse to drink it. In this case, you can make home-version of water strong-willed solution. You will need the following ingredients:
• Water — 1 liter
• Raisins – 100 g
• Salt – 1 tsp
• baking Soda, 0.5 tsp
• Sugar – a little (to 4 tsp)

Filled with water, the raisins are boiled for 1 hour. The cooled solution is filtered (it is highly recommended to mash the berries to glucose at the maximum moved in the broth). Mixed with salt, soda and sugar, drink boil on low heat for another 2 minutes.


Diet for rotavirus, the child quickly brings relief and helps to restore water and salt balance.