Low carb green diet

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According to nutritionists, eating large amounts of carbohydrates leads to the fact that the amount of fat burned by the body becomes less, they are deposited, and the person gains weight. In this case, it is a very effective low carbohydrate diet green.

the Result of it is no worse than from vitamin and protein. In addition, this diet does not require a strict menu, you just need to follow some specific requirements (mainly low carb) that guarantees Your body a chance to eat right.

The advantages of the diet

the benefits of green low-carb diets are not required abruptly refuse to eat, it includes proteins and carbohydrates, and even certain types of fats, and most importantly — are complex and so is really healthy. The advantage of a low-carb green diet in the fact that it is designed for long-term use, and then you can gradually move to observe all the basic rules. If for some reason You are unable to immediately give up some products, it is permissible to gradually decrease the volume of their consumption.

Features menu

the menu is based on a low-carb green diet – fractional (about 1, 5-2 hours) meal in small quantities. The volume of one portion should leave You a slight feeling of hunger. Dinner after 18.00, the following snacks is strictly prohibited.

the Diet is called low carb, because foods rich in carbohydrates (primarily confectionery, biscuits, muffins, cakes and the like), and foods containing large amounts of starch are excluded from your diet. This requirement also applies to sweet fruits. At worst you can eat the apples that have a lot of fiber. You must give up the animal fats contained in dairy products, and pork and Turkey, in favor of vegetable fats.

Recipes low carb green diet contain quite a large number of proteins, and, consequently, important for our body amino acids, including fatty acids and linolenic.

If Your lifestyle does not contain strenuous exercise, the amount of carbohydrates per day should amount to 100 grams. If You are engaged in sports or work as a loader, the daily volume of carbohydrates can reach up to 200 grams.