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Rice-compote diet Kempner


British Diet nutritionist Walt Kempner contributes to weight loss, and for healing of Your body. It is suitable for people with cardiovascular problems, liver disease and stomach and suffering from edema.

The basic components of the diet

from the title it is clear that the main products included in diet menu Kempner are rice and dried fruits. Figure able pretty quickly to absorb and remove excess water from the body, and contained in the dried fruit and potassium helps to cleanse and restore the liver.

Menu and method of use

a day should eat about 350 grams of porridge made from rice, cooked in water, complemented by the compote. The compote can be cooked of 500 g of dried fruits: in the first place it is rich in potassium dried apricots and helps the intestines prunes and raisins, dry apples, pears, cherries, figs. You can prepare the compote, and from 1 kilogram of fresh fruit and 100 g of sugar. In this case, the best fit of stone and pome fruit – apples, pears, quinces, peaches, plums and apricots. The ratio of fruit of your choice individually.

Cooked compote must be cooled down. On the day should drink 1.5 liters of finished beverage (about 6 cups). The first glass of fruit drink broth in the morning, then at noon, for lunch add to the compote a plate of rice. The next Cup of broth you have in the afternoon. For dinner again eat another helping of rice with a fruit compote. The last Cup of broth drink for the night. While other foods should be excluded from the diet. Only drink pure non-carbonated water.

The results of the diet

diets Results might surprise you: you have a chance for 5 days to lose 3 pounds, reduce puffiness and improve complexion. In addition, when you use the diet Kempner normalizes sleep, work gastrointestinal tract and improves skin condition in General.

the Diet lasts weeks. To get out of it it is necessary gradually. First, on day 6 you can eat a fresh vegetable salad in vegetable oil, and vegetable soup and grain bread. Already on the 7th day you can return to your normal diet, but to minimize the consumption of sweets and fatty foods to be taken off the diet effect and not to return any weight dropped.