Diet, after which the weight does not return

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is There a diet, after which the weight does not return? This question is of interest to all those whose attempts to lose weight over and over again to fail. We offer to your attention useful information concerning the relevant topics.

The foundations of a sustainable diet

If you want to not only lose weight but also keep the result, lose weight slowly. Fast weight loss occurs due to removal of moisture – the body gets rid of glycogen (the"stock carb"), and 1 g of carbohydrates, according to research, releases 3 ml of water.

After the "fast" diet you can expect the same rapid increase in weight – this happens due to make up the deficit.


Domestic nutritionists recommend to lose weight 2-5 kg per month. Canadian experts dietary give more accurate recommendations, they propose to not lose more than 1% body weight per week (that is, with a weight of 70 kg and weekly is to lose weight not more than 0.7 kg).

to create conditions for the proper weight loss will have to calculate individual calorie intake. Help in this special formula. Reducing the calories to 200-500 calories (or, as recommended by nutritionists, 10-20%), you will lose weight slowly but steadily.

Optimum diet menu, after which the weight does not return

To gradually lose weight, it is necessary to properly distribute products and calories. Greatest energy should be the first half of the day, and the smallest in the second. In the morning meal is to include nutritious and healthy meals: cereal with pieces of fruit, cheese, natural honey (small amount), corn bread.

shortly after Breakfast, it is recommended to organize a small snack consisting of fruits, vegetables, juices, dried fruits (optional).

In a lunch meal it is permissible to include meat (fish) dishes, it is useful to eat all kinds of soups and salads.

Dinner should have minimal calories – during this period, the best option is vegetable dishes.

In General, throughout the day, you can make 5-6 meals more often you eat, the fewer calories you consume (subject to dietary intake). The fact that this diet allows you to maintain the blood sugar at a constant level, and the absence of differences does not develop the feeling of hunger.

the Last meal should take place no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime. This approach allows to unload the digestive tract the food is digested and assimilated, and energy is mostly spent.

it is Obligatory to observe the correct drinking regime is extremely encouraged just before a meal to drink a glass of water (this neutralizes the appetite).

Needless to say, deciding to lose weight, you will have to abandon high-calorie foods from fatty meats, sweets and pastries. Any unwanted products, stimulating the secretion of gastric juice and contributes to fluid retention in the body (it's spicy seasonings, pickles, smoked meat, etc.).

As you can see, the diet, after which the weight is not returned, there is – at its core is a reasonable approach to the selection of products and the rate of weight loss. Lose weight slowly – it will only lead you to your desired goal.