Diet for gout and kidney stones

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Energy value of food in this diet is a complete and reasonable limitation of protein, a normal amount of carbohydrates, fat and salt. Here the increased amount of fluid, the content of alkaline foods, such as vegetables, fruits and milk.

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Fractional power

it is Recommended that a fractional power mode, 4-6 times a day. Specifically excludes products that contain oxalic acid and purines.

Fish, meat and poultry are boiled, and the rest of the heat treatment and the temperature of ready meals the usual.

Fluid should be consumed much more as fasting and in between meals.
in order to increase the alkalinity of the body, need to eat citrus fruits — lemons, grapefruits, and alkaline mineral water are just not interchangeable.


the deposition of salts required fasting days in which you can only eat yogurt, just cheese or just the fruit. In those days, you must drink plenty of fluids, at least 2.5 liters.

the Glass of liquid to drink for the night — strong tea, juice, juice, decoction of bran. You can add to drink the juice of a lemon.

This diet is designed to normalize the metabolism in the body, i.e. purines. It systematically reduces the formation of uric acid and its salts, normalizes the work of intestine and gradually causes the urinary pH to normal.