Kefir diet for gastritis and gastric ulcer

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If you have a severe complication after gastritno or ulcerative diseases of the stomach, it from dairy products you can only easy milk. When you have recovered or almost recovered, you will be very useful to use not only milk, but the yogurt here only it is necessary to take only not greasy and sour.

Kefir diet for gastritis and gastric ulcer

Yogurt really helps to normalize all functions of the stomach, only when buying yogurt look carefully, what would the shelf life was minimal then there's little lactic acid.

In the diet of this diet when recovering from complications include (sample menu):

Breakfast – 1 soft boiled egg, some porridge and steamed, fresh yogurt with a minimum shelf life of herbal tea or diluted milk.

the Second Breakfast contains sour curd filled with yogurt and dried fruit drink.

lunch – vegetable soup, boiled beef or baked with carrots.

Afternoon tea – crackers and dried fruit drink.

Dinner – fish, steamed or boiled, casserole kefir on the basis of vegetables or yogurt and you can make baked fruit.

Before sleep you can drink lukewarm milk or herbal tea with milk.