Diet Of Elena Stoyanova

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the Problem of excess weight is forcing us to try a huge number of diets. It is worth considering that every body is different and each will suit a certain approach, diet and set of products. So it happens that, having tried different diets, you have no result, try to eat according to the methods of Elena Stoyanova.

Diet Of Elena Stoyanova

It includes two periods, the first will be aimed at active weight loss and weight loss, and the second stage will allow you to hold the result, and again to get better.

the Uniqueness of this diet is that you use a special tool designed to combat excess fat. This tool is a unique cocktail, which includes cheese and fruit. It will help you to cope with feelings of hunger and give the feeling of fullness that will allow you not to overeat. For each phase of the diet, you will prepare different cocktails. Store large portions of the cocktail in the refrigerator.

How to make a unique cocktail?

so, the recipe of the cocktail for the first period of weight loss. For this you will need 300 grams low-fat cottage cheese 250 grams grated and softened various fruits. The cheese should be no more than 0.6% and have 10% protein. You mix a unique cocktail of this quantity of ingredients. Cooked amount is distributed to the part for the whole day. For the second phase of the diet you will use less amount of shake, but a greater number of cheese and fruits.

If you are not able to buy cheese needs fat, you can mix a cocktail with low-fat yogurt. Most importantly, this drink needs no other ingredients cannot be added. For optimal absorption and proper effect eat the mixture with a small spoon and very slowly. If you strictly follow the instructions, you will quickly feel a sense of satiety.

The first diet period

Very important in the diet of Elena Stoyanova for weight loss remember to eat a serving of cocktail with every meal.

Breakfast: a serving of cocktail and tea or coffee without sugar.
the Second Breakfast: any cereal porridge, any product legume family, vegetable salad, dressed with oil and lemon juice.
For half an hour before lunch, take a second serving of the cocktail.
Lunch: vegetable salad with lemon juice and vegetable oil. Main dish, fish, liver or egg.
Dinner: cocktail party, it is necessary to drink up to 18:00.
If you get hungry before bedtime can drink cocoa, but no sugar.

The second diet period

Breakfast: a cocktail at the double.
lunch: eat as usual.
half an hour before the dinner portion of the cocktail.
Dinner: double serving of cocktail, cocoa or tea with no added sugar.


During the first diet period your goal is to lose desired amount of weight, when you exercise, you achieve results much faster. Immediately after the desired weight loss, we turn to the second period in order to retain the achieved weight.

it is important to say that the diet of Elena Stoyanova is safe, and you will lose weight without wearing down your body. After weight loss, your weight will remain stable for a very long time. With proper nutrition and exercise.