Diet "10 pounds in 10 days"

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is it Possible in a relatively short period of time to lose the large excess weight? Practice shows that this is possible only with a serious degree of obesity. Don't be discouraged if the diet 10 kg in 10 days will provide a more modest result. We offer to your attention several low calorie meal plans.

10 mono-diet

Option # 1
• Day # 1: 2 l of still water (it is necessary to drink, divided into 6-8 servings)
• Day # 2: milk 3% fat 1 litre (divide into 4-6 servings) and grated Apple (before bed)
• Day # 3: 2 l of still water (it is necessary to drink, divided into 6-8 servings)
• Day # 4: about 700 g of cabbage salad with the addition of carrots and greens and dressed with olive oil (divide it into 3-4 portions), and also unsweetened green tea and water without gas
• Day # 5: milk 3% fat 1 litre (divide into 4-6 servings) and grated Apple (before bed)
• Day 6: 1.5 liters of water (all day), a boiled egg and a Cup of tea (for Breakfast), vegetable broth (lunch), 100 grams of cooked lean meat and 2 tbsp of canned green peas (lunch) and 3 green Apple (1 each at lunch, dinner and before bed)
• Day # 7: 100 g of fresh low-fat cottage cheese and 1 liter of fat-free yogurt
• Day # 8: menu for 6th day
• Day # 9: menu 7 days
• Day # 10: menu 6-day

Option # 2
• Day # 1: boiled eggs
• Day # 2: filet boiled fish
• Day # 3: low-fat cottage cheese
• Day # 4: fish fillet in boiled or vapor form.
• Day # 5: potatoes
• Day # 6: beef boiled
• Day # 7: any vegetables (except potatoes)
• Day # 8: fruit mix (don't eat grapes and bananas)
• Day # 9: fat-free yogurt
• Day # 10: a decoction of rose hips

the Daily rate of food is not strictly regulated, but overeating is not. Supposed to make 5-6 meals. At the time of a diet under the full ban spices, salt, sugar, alcohol. Liquid diet must include 1.5 liters of fluid (water without gas, herbal teas, green tea).

The cabbage soup diet

This version of the diet puts us on the cabbage diet. Throughout the day you can eat dishes made from cabbage, colour, Brussels, Beijing, and other types of cabbage. Of fats are allowed to use only vegetable oil. Protein sources: boiled egg (every other day), 150-200 g of meat or fish (daily) and 200 ml of kefir minimal-fat (optional). Daily supposed to drink about 2 liters of unsweetened fluids (the priority is water, but also allowed to drink tea and herbal teas). Flour, sweet, fatty and salty from the diet are excluded.

sample menu:
• Breakfast: tea or coffee and a boiled egg and Chinese cabbage salad
• lunch: white cabbage (you can make a salad or eat a few leaves)
• Lunch: soup-puree of cauliflower, tea, 100 grams of cooked meat
• afternoon Snack: yogurt
• Dinner: cabbage salad with greens and 100 g steam fish

The correct completion of the diet

Diet, carrying 10 kg in 10 days is contraindicated if you have any health problems. As you know, all quick methods basically reduce weight by cleansing the body – to keep the achieved result is almost impossible. If you wish to save the "new" weight, a couple of weeks will be devoted to diet. Your menu during this period must include:
— lean proteins (these include milk and milk products a minimum of fat, egg whites, lean meat and fish, white meat poultry);
— complex carbohydrates (it is porridge, cooked in water, fruits, vegetables, wholesome breads);
— healthy fats (present in vegetable oils, avocado, fish oil).

we'll Have to forget about sugar and sweets, white bread, pastries, confectionery, alcohol, any fatty, spicy and salty.

sample menu:
• Breakfast: eggs, boiled soft-boiled egg, tomato, cucumber, Chinese cabbage, herbs and sprouted seeds, and tea
• lunch: 45 g low-fat cheese, rye toast and lettuce
• Lunch: vegetable soup, chicken breast, salad and tea
• afternoon Snack: 200 ml of yogurt with handful of berries
• Dinner: fish fillet baked with vegetables grated cheese and herbs


Diet 10 pounds in 10 days – not the most sensible way of getting rid of excess weight. As practice shows, during the passage of any diet deteriorating health to appear health problems.