Business diet

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Today consider low calorie diet. It takes food three times a day and an additional snack at any time. With this diet you will get just 1100 calories a day.

Main menu business diet for weight loss:


We offer several Breakfast options, which one will suit you better, or make them every time a new one.

three tablespoons of flakes of Hercules pour low-fat milk;
— tomato with one spoon of soft cheese, and a toast of bran bread;
— 2 slices of wholemeal bread, sliced banana, which mix with one teaspoon of honey and yogurt without fruit additives (probably soft cheese);
— soft-boiled egg, a toast of bran bread spread with butter. Citrus juice.


— vegetable salad, fruit. Sandwich with chicken fillet and one teaspoon of pickled pickles;
— vegetable salad, fruit. A sandwich with grated cheese and low-calorie mayonnaise;
— vegetable salad, fruit. Sandwich with soft cheese and herbs.
— a few potatoes, boiled in their skins, vegetable salad, boiled beans and grated cheese. For dessert yogurt diet;


— vegetable salad, low-calorie dish to your taste and preferences;
— chicken breast, two fried potatoes, vegetables;
— cooked Turkey meat, boiled potatoes unpeeled vegetables.
spaghetti with sauce. Sauce canned vegetables with shrimp. There is a second version of the sauce, boiled chicken, mix with chicken broth or chopped ham, add low-fat yogurt and spices. Salad of vegetables or fruits.


— 1 fruit, a couple of glasses of dry wine.
— 1 fruit with soft cheese, a couple of biscuits.

of Course, do not forget that all the meat and flour make a small portions. Vegetable and fruit salads make large portions.