Alkaline diet

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Alkaline diet — a special food plan, aimed at recovery of the organism. A pleasant "side effect" of this technique is the normalization weight. The recommendations of this diet focus of this article.

The acid-alkaline balance

Food entering the digestive tract, absorbed and influence the composition of the blood. Meat, fish, seafood, milk are traditional suppliers of protein. In the process of metabolism, they create an acidic environment. Fruits and vegetables mostly belong to the category of "alkaline" foods. So which food is healthier?

Our blood has a slightly alkaline reaction (pH 7.35-7.45). Therefore, the diet should mostly consist of alkaline foods (approximately 65%). The remainder (35%) remains the "acid" products. It is believed that this distribution was characteristic of our ancestors.

What are the advantages of alkaline foods over acidic?

it is believed that acidic products (with their overabundance in the diet) imbalance in the body, depriving it of minerals (primarily potassium, magnesium, calcium, sodium). This weakens the immune system and creates conditions for disease development.

When prescribed an alkaline diet?

Alkaline diet administered to people complaining of symptoms such as:
• fatigue
• Frequent colds and flu, nasal congestion,
• Nervousness, anxiety, unreasonable anxiety, irritability
• the Presence of benign cysts (breast, ovarian)
• Chronic headache

Formal and informal medicine on an alkaline diet (the doctors)

Doctors and nutritionists recognize the benefits of the introduction in the diet of vegetables and fruits. The fact of the negative impact of acidic foods on the body they are not confirmed.

In contrast, traditional practitioners claim that alkaline diet prevents the formation of kidney stones and also slows the development of osteoporosis and age-related obesity.

A sample list of acidic foods

• Refined sugar and sugar substitutes
• Animal fats, TRANS fats
• Egg
• Meat, fish, seafood
• Peanuts, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds
• Wheat, rice, corn
• White bread, and pastries
• All cheeses (except goat milk) and other dairy products.
• Tea, coffee, alcohol

A sample list of alkaline foods

• Honey
• Olive oil cold pressed
• Almond, Brazil nut, coconut
• Brown rice, barley, millet
• Fresh fruit
• Most vegetables, except peas and beans
• bean Sprouts

Partial alkaline are considered to be cottage cheese and fresh milk.

Contraindications to an alkaline diet

In principle, strict contraindications to the alkaline diet does not exist, however, if you have some health problems to start it only after consulting a doctor. These problems include:
• Acute and chronic renal failure
• Coronary heart disease (alkaline diet has an effect on potassium levels)

Unwanted this diet in childhood and old age in these periods of life the chemical composition of the diet must meet several additional requirements.

Which reviews to believe?

Alkaline diet causes many disputes. Some doubt the effectiveness and reasonableness of this technique, and some, on the contrary, extol it to the skies. To what point of view to lean – to solve only to you.