Test "if I selected a diet?"

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As you know, modern women are in the majority in literally hooked on all kinds of diets for weight loss. However, diet diet strife. If you decide to use it, to begin to find out if it suits you, as it seems at first glance. And will help you with this special testing. Answer the questions honestly and based on the selected options determine whether the selected power mode.

Test "if I selected a diet?"


1) Think about what your true attitude towards the meal.

A) I get great pleasure from food, I love it when the whole family gathers at the table or friends coming over, and we have dinner.
B) I sit down at a table while a strong nervous stress, but in General when you eat – miss, the food is not interesting to me.
C) Cooking and then eating together with family members – no, that just will not lose weight.
D) I am a person punctual, meticulous, strive to live according to the plan, and therefore, even in the grocery store go with a list in hand and take only what is necessary.
D) I am not a supporter of rules and restrictions. Eat whatever you like and want. And in desired quantities.

2) What reasons prevent you to start losing weight?

A) we Need to calculate calories, and I live so that it will not be time.
B) When I visit relatives or friends, I eat what is offered, and can't stop. The weight gain from this.
) I need to lose weight, but I prefer it to be gradual, slow process, and therefore does not lose weight dramatically.
D) I'm Afraid that even if you lose, you still eventually will have as before, and again gain weight.
D) For me the limit is torture. Don't want to set myself restrictions and feel the lack of something.

3) What are the options weight loss you the most help?

A) good health, attractiveness – that is what causes me to struggle.
B) I help people who are on a diet. The best incentive for me is to see how losing weight "colleague".
C) I have resorted more than one method, however, still have not found the most effective.
D) great way to lose weight – there are not very many and actively engage in training.
D) it seems to Me that you can lose weight, if you buy for food products, counting the number of calories in them. But this system is very tedious.

4) How do you feel about the quest to lose weight?

A) Can sit in the diet, which is convenient and pleasant to me.
B) I need help and support, it is important for me to have someone to share their thoughts regarding the losing weight.
C) If I don't see results in the first days, and I will not lose weight.
G) If the dresses fit me nicely, the size of the dresses and blouses became more so I don't need all these diets for weight loss.
D) cover my ears when they begin to discuss options of the diet and to complain about the inability to lose weight.

The results of the test "if I selected a diet?"

Make a calculation of the received results and read any response.

If you answered with option A you get more than just

For you in the first place a family favorite, service, so almost all of the time spent on it. To stay on the diet, you need to choose one that is easy to include in your daily routine, nothing in it is not shifting. Strict restrictions are not for you. Too much to take weight loss is not recommended. You can start with the fact that slightly reduce the portions of Breakfast, lunch and dinner, but eat more often. Take advantage of a Mediterranean diet and sign up for a fitness center.

If the most you got answers with the option B

You need friends and like-minded people to communicate with them, share tips, listen to their opinions. You cannot take in the problem alone. When one wakes up in a great mood and be healthy, start eating according to the rules. And find yourself some opportunities for pleasure.

most often If you chose the option In

You people are indecisive, but because you need the support of friends or relatives, and if possible, even professionals. You can start eating for rapid diet. Suitable mono-diet designed for five days. It is necessary every day to eat products that belong to a particular group, for example, on Monday – only protein foods, Tuesday only vegetables, the environment – only dairy products and so on.

If you have most of the answers G

For starters, shall describe the entire meal and day of the points. Follow this plan and not deviating from any of the task.

Effective option – all eaten to bring in a personal journal. Drinks also need to paint there. It teaches a person to discipline. Periodically indulge itself tasty, but not very often.

If more other letters you have typed answers D

You are person related to dieting down. You are just not going to limit yourself to food. Therefore, sudden weight loss – definitely not for you. Here you need a gradual introduction to life changes. To achieve this, do a slow redrawing of the lifestyle portions of food, reduce, move and walk more often. If you implement these measures, after some time you get used to it and will have to live in new ways.