Kefir diet in cardiovascular diseases

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Cardiovascular disease is the leading death rate in the world. Diet in the treatment is necessary to obtain diseased bodies of the missing minerals and vitamins. Proper nutrition contributes to better absorption of drugs.

For example, for patients with hypertension and atherosclerosis threat: fluid retention, increase weight and increased body fat. Them as quickly as possible to normalize blood circulation and metabolism. Nutritional therapy for such patients doctors choose fat-free yogurt, which has useful properties and a diuretic effect.

Kefir diet in cardiovascular diseases

an Example of a daily menu.

1 Breakfast. Casserole cottage cheese low fat, watered low-fat yogurt.
2 Breakfast. 1-2 fresh apples.
Lunch. Vegetable soup, seasoned with vegetable oil. Boiled meat with carrot puree.
after 20-30 minutes, a Cup of stewed fruit.
the Afternoon tea. A cocktail glass of kefir or yogurt without the fat.
Dinner. Boiled fish with boiled potatoes. A Cup of tea with herbs.
20-30 minutes before bedtime is recommended to drink a glass of skim kefir.