Diet 8 table

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The purpose of the diet

the Main objective of the diet plan as the No. 8 is the normalization of metabolic processes in the organism (first correction is subjected to lipid metabolism). Therapeutic meal plan eliminates the preconditions for excess deposits of fat.

Features 8 diet table

This nutrition plan includes limiting the entrance of calories. The norm of a protein corresponds to the physiological needs of the body. The proportion of carbohydrates is reduced due to the drastic reduction of the consumption of bread and the complete exclusion of simple carbohydrates. The diet enriched in dietary fibre and lipotropic substances.

Excludes products that stimulate secretion of stomach juices. Eating is fractional (provides up to 6 meals).

Fasting is not recommended — sufficient to saturate the volume of meals is formed from the low-calorie foods (primarily the diet includes raw vegetables and fruits).

you Must make sure that the feeling of hunger did not arise – it helps to avoid stress and allows you to stick to a diet for a long period of time. Products can be boiled, simmer, bake.

the Norm of free fluid: 1.5 to 1.8 L. it is Recommended to reduce the half portions of entrees. Salt can only be used to a minimum (no more than 3-5 g per day).

Alcohol and stimulating the appetite condiments should be excluded (this category may include pepper, mustard, garlic). The diet provides for the holding of days of discharge based on lean meat, melons, milk beverages, etc.

The chemical composition of the diet

• Proteins — 100 g
• Fats — 80 g (30-40 g of vegetable origin)
• Carbohydrates — 200 g

the Optimal caloric intake — 1700-1900 kcal

Useful part of the diet

• Potassium — 3.9 g
• Magnesium — 0.45 grams
• Sodium — 3 g
• Calcium — 1 g
• Iron — 0.035 g
• Phosphorus — 1.6 g
• Nicotinic acid, 17 mg
• Vitamin B1 (thiamine) — 1.1 mg
• Vitamin C (as ascorbic acid) 150 mg
• vitamin a (retinol) — 0.4 mg
• Carotene — 15,6 mg
• Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) is 2.2 mg.

Vitamins to take inappropriate – vitamins come from raw fruits and vegetables.

In severe obesity in hospital sometimes prescribed diet 8 table with lower calories (600-1200 calories). It is clearly observed physiological norm of protein.

Recommended products

• Rye, protein-wheat, branny bread – 100-150 g per day
• Vegetarian soups from cereals and vegetables
• Dairy and fruit soups (not more than 1/2 servings)
• the weak fish and meat broth with vegetables and cereals (1-2 times per week)
• low-fat varieties of fish in boiled (after boiling the fish can be baked)
• Lean meats and poultry, boiled
• Seafood — up to 150-200 grams per day
• low-fat dairy products – milk, milk drinks, cottage cheese (low-fat sour cream can be used for filling food)
• soft-boiled Eggs, steam protein omelet (it can be cooked with vegetables)
• Buckwheat, barley and barley cereals (the cereals are mainly used in the preparation of first course)
• Vegetables in any form (limit the consumption of potatoes, carrots, beets, green peas)
• Fruits and berries in raw form.
• Fruit compotes and jellies
• a Decoction of rose hips
• sugar Substitutes — sorbitol, xylitol, aspartame, saccharin
• Weak tea.

Excluded products

• Pastries made from wheat flour
• Cooking and meat fats
• Acute and fatty snacks, and sauces
• Any spices, spices
• Potato, beans, macaroni soups.
• Bold variety of poultry, meat, fish
• Sausages, smoked
• Canned
• Fatty dairy products (cream, cheese)
• white rice, oatmeal and bran cereal
• non-dietary pasta
• Legumes
• the Sweet varieties of fruits and berries
• Sugar, honey, confectionery, sweet juices, jam, cocoa
• hot, spicy, salty dishes,
• Alcohol

Sample menu diet 8 table

• the First Breakfast: boiled meat, cheese, tea with lemon
• lunch: sweet and sour Apple
• Lunch: low-calorie vegetable soup, a serving of boiled fish, pineapple juice
• Snack: low-fat cottage cheese, milk or yogurt
• Dinner: boiled fish, vegetable stew, tea without sugar

Fasting days on a diet number 8

1. Meat fasting day

during the day: low-fat beef or lean fish (400-600 g) and 600-800 g of vegetables. Products boiled in water without adding salt (vegetables better to eat fresh).

2. Curd fasting day

For the day: 400-600 g low-fat cottage cheese, 500 ml of yogurt or milk

3. Milk fasting day

all day: 1-2 litres low fat milk (you can substitute with yogurt, acidophilus milk or low-fat yogurt).


Diet 8 table helps to gradually normalize the weight. Judging by the reviews, the weight loss is slow but steady.