Tangerine diet

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The beneficial properties of mandarins

In the juicy pulp contains carbohydrates, organic acids, dietary fibers, vitamins (A, C, PP, B1, B2, B6, E) and minerals (phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, calcium). In the skin contains glycosides, essential oil, flavonoids. The caloric value of 100 g of fruit – 38 kcal. Due to its beneficial composition mandarins strengthen the walls of blood vessels, normalize digestion, improve metabolism, strengthen immune system, counteract the effects of stress. They eliminate stagnation, promote the excretion of excess interstitial fluid. Due to the presence of dietary fiber, tangerine improve peristalsis.

Three-day diet

This tangerine diet lasts only 3 days. During this time it takes 1-3 kg.

• Breakfast: black coffee
• lunch and snack: boiled egg or omelette steam of 2 proteins, as well as 4 Mandarin
• Lunch and dinner (same menu): salad 300 g sour or fresh cabbage, 100 g boiled without salt lean meat (you can substitute with fish)

Protein-carbohydrate diet for 3-5 days

the following diet for the tangerines is not for everyone – the fact that the combination of citrus and eggs can cause severe allergic reactions. 3 days manage to lose 2-3 kg.

the diet of the Diet: every day you need eat 1.5 kg of mandarins and 10 boiled chicken proteins. Combine proteins and tangerines should not be – between their use needs to withstand the interval of 2 hours. Liquid diet presented to unsweetened beverages (green tea, still water). Daily rate – 2 liters per day. Salt, sugar and fats are under a complete ban.

Diet for 7 days

This tangerine low-calorie diet provides the opportunity to eat quite diverse.

• Breakfast: tangerines (5 pieces) or fresh tangerine, 50 g of lean ham, unsweetened tea (coffee)
• Lunch: tangerines – 5 PCs., salad green vegetables, tea (coffee)
• Dinner: lean meat, boiled — 150 g salad of green vegetables with lemon juice 200 g, tea (you can add 1 tsp. honey)

• Breakfast: tangerines (5 pieces) or fresh tangerine, boiled eggs – 2 pieces, unsweetened tea
• Lunch: low-fat cheese – 50 g or low-fat cottage cheese – 100 g tangerines – 5 PCs., tea (decoction of rose hips)
• Dinner: salad of green vegetables, steam fish – 200 g, whole grain bread or toast tea

• Breakfast: tangerines (5 PCs.), tea unsweetened, 2 tbsp cereal with 4 tbsp yogurt, 1 tbsp of raisins and 2 tsp walnuts
• Lunch: tangerines – 5 PCs., vegetable soup and rye crackers
• Dinner: baked tomatoes – 2 PCs., boiled chicken fillet – 200 g, tea
• Before sleep: 2-3 Mandarin

• Breakfast: boiled egg, tomato juice – 1 tbsp. tea
• Lunch: carrot salad with lemon juice and olive oil, tangerines – 5 PCs., rye toast
• Dinner: boiled or stewed vegetables – 400 g, broth hips
• Before bed: fresh tangerine

• Breakfast: salad made of green Apple, kiwi, tangerine and tea with a slice of lemon
• Lunch: baked potatoes – 1-2 PCs., salad of green vegetables 200 g, tea
• Dinner: boiled chicken or baked fish (250 g), baked tomatoes or tomato juice
• Before sleep: tangerines: 3-5 PCs

on weekends, you can use any of the previous days. The rate of fluid – 8-10 tbsp a day.


it is Important to remember that drinking large amounts of citrus can cause allergic reactions (doctors do not recommend to eat more than 200-300 g of oranges per day). It is impossible to resort to Mandarin to diet in diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (peptic ulcer, gastritis, enteritis, colitis) and also for diseases of kidneys and liver.


Tangerine diet is not the best option for those prone to food allergies. In General, the effectiveness of "tangerine" methods does not differ from the performance of other low calorie diets (it is possible to easily replace the tangerines other low-calorie fruit).