Motley diet

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Variegated diet – a great way to eat healthy food and get rid of extra pounds. And will you do it for any 7 days. However, remember that you will need to control your diet permanently.

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Raisins diet

Variegated diet is considered to be very effective, but at the same time she is quite strict. Why is it given this name? Yes, because this diet includes many different foods. Note that products, not food.

in Conjunction with reducing your food you need plenty of sleep and resort to sports exercise and physical activity.

It is recommended to drink more. On the day it is advisable to drink 1.5 to 2 liters of fluid. It is possible to carry herbal tea, pure filtered water. No coffee, black teas and juices, even natural.

Before you go to bed, eat a mint decoction.

The motley diet were also 6 different rations for each day. It is good because it gives the human body all the minerals and vitamins, because the food in it, as mentioned above, uses a variety. Complex of nutrients provides the body with essential micro and macro, and people rarely hurts and feels bad.

during the day you need to sit down 4 times, and then all 5, that's even better. When preparing fish and meat, do not salt them and fry in butter.

Weekly menu

For 1 day: half a kilo of vegetables. You can eat them raw, you can bake, you can boil it in water. Refrain from potatoes.

2 of the day: meat in the amount of 0.1 kg. Naturally, you cannot add to it salt and fat. Meat should be baked or broiled, you can pour the delicious spices of dried plants.

For 3 days: eat this egg day. All you can eat 6 eggs, boiled in water beforehand. Do not add salt.

day 4: beef or veal meat – 0.4 kilograms. Boiled.

5 day: cook the fish in the amount of 400 grams. Allowed and a steam option.

For 6 and 7 days: weekend eat a variety of fruits. You can eat up to 1 kilogram.

Periodically, make it fall off your diet.

Experts warn to use a varied diet for weight loss allowed no more than once per 60 days.