Diet for atrophic gastritis

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Helpful information

There are different forms of this disease, and one of the most common is antral gastritis (inflamed mucosa in the pyloric stomach). Diet for atrophic gastritis of the antrum has no serious differences from the therapeutic eating plan recommended in other forms of the disease (it is only important to consider how it has changed the acidity of gastric juice).

food is recommended to boil, bake without the crust, stew. At low pH acceptable fry them (no breading and no crust formation). Food containing crude fiber, need to wipe. At low pH the rate of salt is 15 grams per day, and high when it should be lower. The serving temperature of dishes comfortable, the power is fractional.

The basis of the diet

From the category of confectionery is allowed to eat scones from unleavened dough, white bread, biscuits, cake. You can sometimes eat meat pies, sweet jams, apples. Soups it is recommended to prepare vegetable broth (at low and high pH), the weak meat broth (at high pH), milk. The meat can be boiled, cleaned and mashed, served with a piece. The fish is served boiled, fried (without breading) or vapor form. You can prepare burgers and other products from minced meat. It is permissible to enter into the diet of low-fat sausage, soaked herring. You can include in the menu dairy products are middle and low fat content (with increased acidity of fermented milk products are excluded). Eggs allowed to cook baked in the oven or steam omelets. Also eggs can be cooked boiled. Range of cereals – rice, buckwheat, oatmeal, semolina. It is useful to enter into the diet of vegetable dishes. In salads it is possible to combine vegetables with meat, cheese, ham. Diet for atrophic gastritis does not exclude sweets, but their range is limited to honey, sugar, jelly, jelly, jams. In loosely brewed tea, cocoa and coffee are recommended to add milk or cream. You can drink juices. The presented refined vegetable fats and butter.

Products banned

Diet, prescribed for atrophic gastritis, limiting the consumption of certain cereals (it is wheat, corn and barley grains, barley). Excluded beans. Contraindicated fatty foods, mushrooms, meats and canned vegetables, stimulating the secretion of gastric juice and the berries with small stones.


Diet for atrophic gastritis with low acidity and a high level is quite diverse. Subject to ongoing compliance with sparing diet, the patient's condition improved.