Diet "Ladder"

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Diet Ladder pleased with short duration and high efficiency. Affectionate name optimistic charges – having heard it, I want to believe in success.

The essence of the diet

This method only lasts for 5 days and each of them builds to a new level, dedicated to a menu and perform specific purposes (cleaning, restoration, burning fat, etc.).

This diet for weight loss has serious psychological underpinnings – the process of losing weight, you can visualize (i.e. draw on a blank sheet of paper his "ascension" to the ideal figure).

If you equip your creation carved from glossy magazines with pictures of models, you can get a great incentive to lose weight. As you progress through the steps is to celebrate their achievements.

The first rung on the ladder – cleansing the body

the first day is to clean the gastrointestinal tract. Due to this, the organism prepare for subsequent stages of weight loss. In order to cleanse used apples, and activated charcoal.

Pectin, present in apples, speed up metabolism and promote liquefaction of the fat cells. Coarse fiber helps in reducing appetite and bowel cleansing. Activated charcoal (everyone knows the sorbent), expels from the body harmful elements and waste products.

At this stage it is recommended to drink plenty of fluids. It not only flushes the body of harmful elements, but also accelerates the speed of fat catalysis.

the first day:
• Activated charcoal – 6 tablets (1 each every 2 hours)
• Apples – 1 kg
• Sparkling water – 2 l

The second rung of the ladder – restoration

Since activated carbon removes not only harmful, but also nutrients, on the second day of the diet you will have to take care of the restoration of beneficial microflora. This will help dairy products. At this stage of the diet you will lose about 1 kg of excess weight.

Menu of the second day:
• Kefir – 1 liter
• low-fat cottage cheese – 600 g
• Mint or vanilla – optional

The third rung of the ladder — carbohydrate feeding

After the hardships of the first two days usually comes depression and physical lethargy. To neutralize the negative manifestations it is recommended to replenish the supply of carbohydrates.

it is Important to know that the fat cells are destroyed only in the presence of glycogen – recover reserves will help useful the sugar contained in honey and dried fruit. Plummet in this period is 500-600 g.

Menu of the third day:
• Compote of dried fruits (it can be sweetened with glucose)
• Raisins – 300 g
• Flower honey — 2 tbsp

The fourth step of the ladder – regeneration

During this stage accelerates the speed and regenerative construction of processes in the body. To this end, in the diet are animal products, which supply us a complete protein.

Menu of the fourth day:
• Meat Turkey or chicken – 500 g
• Greens
• Water

Salt can be used, but at a minimum. Plumb this day is 1-1,5 kg.

The fifth step ladders – fat burning

the Last step of the staircase is dedicated to the products rich in fiber. This allows you to create a negative energy balance – the digestion of such food takes more energy than it provides. In addition, the fiber displays the decay products remaining after consumption of protein foods.

Menu of the fifth day:
• Dry cereal — 200 g
• Raw fruits and vegetables — 1 kg
• Olive oil – 1-2 tbsp (for dressing salad)

From oatmeal, you can cook porridge on the water, and vegetable salad. Weight loss can reach 1-1.5.

General recommendations and results

During the dieting usually takes 5-8 kg. If the plumb line does not satisfy you, you can repeat the diet Ladder after a short period of time.

to support the body, it is recommended to take a multivitamin. Throughout the period of diet is to drink enough drinking water.


Diet Ladder is suitable for people who do not have health problems. Before start it, talk to your doctor. In General this diet is very attractive: in spite of the strict menu breakdowns usually aren't.