Diet "Red and green"

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If you want to lose weight, look really young well into my adulthood and cleanse the body, you will well known to all diet "Red and green".

subject to cleansing diets for "Red and green", according to the provided range is better to refer to the period from may to September. The composition of ingredients includes elements of plant origin, namely green and red.

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Features diets

With the help of the pigment chlorophyll green color is the process of reductive substances in the body. He also has antiseptic properties.

Antioxidants are plant pigments of red, which help slow the aging process and reduce the rate of appearance of cancer cells. As a result, they are the regulators of vascular permeability. They help to increase the recovery process and significant changes in the anti-inflammatory effect.

Elements that are part of the green color are: parsley, dandelion leaves, lettuce, leeks, sorrel, zucchini, green peas, mint, dill, nettle, green onion, cabbage, green apples, cucumbers, squashes and more.

Products red diet are: tomatoes, all berries, radishes, beets, that is, those elements which are red in colour.

these ingredients can be consumed in any quantity for use in many different dishes. The quality of food you can make: a variety of soups for vegetarians, juices, compotes, salads and many other dishes. Good drinks for diet are: hibiscus and green tea.

in Addition to the products offered in the diet "Red and green", can be applied such as:
— 1 or 2 tablespoons of sour cream or vegetable oil;
— glass of milk, 1 egg, 100 gr. fish, 30 grams. cheese;
— a small piece of corn bread.
— a piece of dark chocolate.

If you are adolescent or you to 45, optionally in a composition to add protein products that do not have fat.

the Diet should be observed for 2 weeks. If you want to hide your figure during the diet, you can help dress-transformer. During the period when you feel stress, these products will help you avoid depression, improve mood, maintain peace of mind and vitality.