Malasaeva diet

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Is one of the most useful and effective diets. The essence of the diet is to decrease the daily salt intake. Basically this diet is prescribed to people who suffer from obesity. Also used people with slight overweight. Because this diet is not a quick action, the results persist for a long time.

Rules malosolenoj diet

here are 7 basic rules to this diet:

do Not use salt during cooking. A little salt before serving. The amount of salt should be minimal.

it is Forbidden to eat sugar, pasta, jam, sour and spicy dishes, muffins, smoked.

Malasaeva diet a day allow you to consume 3-4 grams of salt.

Meat and fish products permitted in limited quantities. These products should not be bold.

Vegetable, meat and fish soups are a good influence on the process of weight loss. The maximum portion of soup – 200 gr.

There must be at least 4-5 times a day, gradually reducing portions. Minimum portion should reach up to 2 tablespoons.

Not to overeat.

What can I eat?

There is a larger selection of allowed foods: milk and milk products, lean meats and fish, eggs, cheese, vegetables, cereals, tea, coffee 200 gr. of bread.

you can Not eat foods such as : potatoes, flour products (except bread), sugar, sour, spicy, smoked, sweet.

Menu for 1 day

In the afternoon we should eat no more than 90g. fat, 130 grams. protein and 120 gr. carbs.

As there is no salt

Without a doubt, salt the body needs but only in moderation. Drinking large quantities of salt is injurious to health and of course figure. Salt can be replaced with more favourable products, such as onion, garlic, spices.

The "right" diet

following the rules malosolenoj diet, you will lose weight and remain healthy. Correctly chosen, the menu does not catch you go hungry.

If this procedure is not needed, you are not sure or it came to you not, stop it. There are more soft courses to cleanse the bowel and stomach, designed for a longer period.