Diet for duodenal ulcer

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The main recommendations of the diet

the Diet should be adequate in nutrients. The chemical composition of the food is distributed in the following way:
• Carbohydrates — 400 g
• Proteins — 100 g
• Fat – 100 g

the Optimal energy value of the diet of 2800-3000 calories. Products should not irritate the gastrointestinal mucosa neither mechanically nor thermally or chemically. Patients need to eat little and often (up to 6 times per day). Excludes all hot and cold (temperature serving dishes – comfortable-warm). You must completely eliminate foods that provide a strong sokogonnym effect. Priority for slimy or pureed dishes. Rate of salt is limited to 10-12 g/day.

Diet diet

Diet, prescribed for duodenal ulcer, include boiled, steamed with water or steam dishes (roasting excluded).

• Recommended: biscuits, bread flour baking yesterday
• Excludes cakes, rye bread, pancakes, pastries, pies

• Recommended: meat minimum fat without fascia and tendons of products from minced meat, liver, tongue, lean ham, liver pate
• Excludes sinewy and fatty meat as well as canned food

the Fish
• Recommended: lean fish (aspic vegetable broth, a piece of products from minced fish), grained salted caviar (sometimes slowly)
• Excludes: fatty fish (sturgeon, sturgeon, etc.) and canned fish, smoked, fried, salted fish

• Recommended: sour cottage cheese, cream, sour cream (in the ingredients), one-day yogurt, whole milk
• Exclude sharp and salty cheeses, as well as very acidic dairy products

• Recommended: steam or boiled and soft-boiled eggs (up to 2 items per day)
• Excludes crude protein, fried or hard-boiled eggs

Porridge and cereals
• Recommended: oatmeal in milk or water (oats, semolina, pureed rice or buckwheat), cereals soufflés and puddings, and a well-boiled vermicelli
• Excludes barley and wheat, crumbly buckwheat and legumes

• Recommended: refined vegetable oil (olive oil or sunflower oil), unsalted butter
• Excludes any other fats, fried oil

• Recommended: potatoes, cauliflower, beets, carrots, green peas, pumpkin, zucchini, sour ripe tomatoes (vegetables boiled or steamed, wipe)
• Excludes: salted, pickled, marinated vegetables and mushrooms, canned vegetables

Fruits and berries
• Recommended: ripe sweet fruits and berries in the form of mousses, jellies, jelly, puree, pureed stewed fruit and baked apples without the skin
• Excludes: unripe and sour fruits and berries, fruits with small seeds (raspberries, currants)

• Recommended: milk pudding, whipped cream, mousses, creams, honey, candy, sugar, jam, marmalade, marshmallows
• Excludes: halva, chocolate,

• Recommended: dairy, cereals, pureed vegetable soups, first courses with home-made noodles or pasta, milk soups (for the filling you can use sour cream, butter)
• Excludes: soups on meat, fish and mushroom broth, as well as hash, soup, soup

• Recommended: weakly brewed tea with milk or cream, decoction of wheat bran, cocoa with milk, broth hips, sweet juices
• Exclude: coffee, acidic juices, kvass, carbonated drinks

Sauces and spices
• Recommended: egg-butter, milk, sour cream sauces
• Excludes any other sauces and spices

Sample menu

• Breakfast: yogurt, a piece of white bread yesterday's baking with butter, mineral water (non-carbonated)
• Second Breakfast: eggs, boiled soft-boiled — 2 pieces, mashed rice porridge, mashed sweet fruits, milk
• Lunch: soup, steam chicken, pasta, milk and fruit souffle
• Dinner: steam fish cakes, mashed potatoes, broth hips
• Dinner: meat pie (homemade), vegetable purees, a slice of white bread, jelly
• Before sleep: milk


Diet for ulcer of the duodenum needs to be adjusted to the condition of the patient – in some cases it is possible to refuse pureed foods.