Winter diet

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In the autumn-winter period, the probability of deposits of subcutaneous fat layer, leading to increase in weight by a few pounds. To avoid this and enrich your body with essential vitamins, there are so-called winter diet. It can help to maintain a slim figure and eat a healthy diet, but you shouldn't hope that weight will leave in a short time.

Winter diet for weight loss

following a diet designed for six meals. There are various ways for vegetarians, meat eaters and people who fish.

Winter menu meat diet

With am – 100 grams of chicken or 1 egg, porridge from any cereal, toast with butter, tea with honey.
lunch – cheese and any fruit, e.g., Apple.
lunch – vegetable (or based on chicken or mushroom broth) soup, boiled or baked chicken.
snack-drink a glass of fermented beverage, such as yogurt.
For dinner – vegetable casserole, salad, fruit, berries, nuts, tea, honey.
At night – any fermented drink.

Menu winter fish diet

morning omelet or 2 eggs, salted and pickled vegetables.
On the second Breakfast – coffee (you have tea with milk), a glass of any low-fat dairy drink.
In the afternoon prepare a vegetable soup, can of chicken (or mushroom) soup, salad and bread.
snack – baked apples.
dinner is boiled codfish with potatoes, a glass of tea (coffee).
At night – fermented drink.

Winter menu vegetarian diet

in the morning – boiled potatoes (200 grams) or egg porridge from any cereal, bread, tea, honey.
On the second Breakfast – any fruit, cheese and 1 egg.
lunch – vegetable soup or pea (or veggie soup), a vegetable stew.
In the afternoon to drink a glass of yogurt.
For dinner, cook the vegetables add carrots and prunes, salad, tea.
Before bedtime can drink milk.

the Above diet lasts for 2 months, but if you want to stick to this diet can longer.

Winter diet for 12 days

There is another way of losing weight, consisting of 4 small diets, calculated on 12 days, the weight loss is 15 pounds.

1 to 3 a day drink only kefir.
From 4 to 6 – eat only boiled chicken (the skin is first necessary to remove).
From 7 to 9 – eat vegetables.
From 10 to 12 days – solid varieties of cheese and 350 milliliters of dry red wine.

the point of this diet in exception of the baked grain products and fluid intake in the desired quantity. Doctors do not recommend to adhere to a long time of this diet for people with chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Because this category of people, it is important that the intake of the proteins and fats, and carbohydrates, and in this way to lose weight consumption of carbohydrates is excluded.