Egg-grapefruit diet

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The beneficial properties of eggs and grapefruit

the Grapefruit provides our body with many beneficial elements: it contains vitamins (PP, C, B1, B2, B5, B6, B9, E), minerals (calcium, sodium, magnesium), organic acids and dietary fiber. The caloric value of 100 g of juicy pulp does not exceed 35 kcal. In grapefruit revealed a substance that promotes the burning of fat.

Eggs, at observance of norms of use, not over-saturate our body of harmful cholesterol. It has been empirically demonstrated that a pair of chicken eggs, eaten daily, does not affect the level of this substance in the blood.

In diet menus the eggs perform a vital mission: they are almost completely absorbed by the body, do not give toxins, provide essential nutrients and reduce appetite.

the Diet of eggs and grapefruit removes excess fluid, cleans toxins, helps to reduce body weight.

Hard egg-grapefruit diet for 3 days

This diet includes egg whites (7 PCs.) and grapefruit (7 pieces). You can drink only water. The eggs should cook for no less than quarter of an hour. Salt and sugar will have to be deleted.

Instead of the first Breakfast should drink a glass of water. After an hour, you're supposed to eat the white of eggs, in an hour – the fruit of grapefruit, etc.

weight Loss – up to 4 kg.

Light diet for weight loss egg and grapefruit for 3-4 days

This diet involves three meals.

• Breakfast: half a grapefruit fruit, egg, soft-boiled, unsweetened green tea and a slice of black bread
• Lunch and dinner: half a fruit of grapefruit, eggs, cooked soft-boiled – 1-2 PC., unsweetened green tea

Average weight loss: 2-3 kg.

Egg-grapefruit diet 4 days

This version of the diet enriches menu with potatoes.

• Breakfast: 250 ml of juice from a grapefruit, an egg, soft-boiled, unsweetened green tea with lemon
• Lunch: large Apple, baked or boiled potatoes and a Cup of coffee without sugar.
• Dinner: 250 ml unsalted tomato juice, half the fruit of grapefruit, a Cup of Jasmine tea, and the egg soft-boiled

Diet with grapefruit and eggs for 4 weeks

This diet is suitable for long term use.

• Breakfast: half a fruit of grapefruit, Cup of green tea and an egg, soft-boiled (you can substitute cheese, cheese, cheese)
• Lunch: boiled or fresh vegetables (can be in the form of a salad), and a small portion of meat (fish, poultry) and juice (tea, broth hips)
• Snacks: dried fruits or grapefruit (you can eat other fresh fruit)


Egg grapefruit diet do not stick to the propensity to allergies. It is important to remember that overly fond of the egg menu is still not worth it – the attention that this product is unacceptable if you have problems with the cardiovascular system (though the scientists proved the safety of the eggs, but still insist on maintaining a reasonable framework). People with diabetes must remember that consumption of eggs increases the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Grapefruits are contraindicated in liver disease and peptic ulcer disease, and gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice. This fruit affect the degree of absorption of medicines (contraceptive pills, reducing blood pressure, etc.). On top of that grapefruits have a negative impact on the enamel of the teeth – after eating them you must thoroughly rinse the mouth.


Egg grapefruit diet (in any of its variants) is really quite effective. However, we should not overlook its potential danger in case of health problems consult your doctor about its suitability.