Diet Maria Kiseleva

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Seeing lovely looking slender athlete Maria Kiselyov, it is impossible to assume that she was once the problem of excess weight. The athlete bravely talks about getting rid of the ten extra pounds. This became possible thanks to vegetable soup. Still, Maria Kiseleva, happy to talk about this amazing dish.

Recipe of vegetable soup Maria Kiseleva

This soup does not involve the use of such a binding ingredient, like potatoes. It includes cabbage and carrots, onions and celery, and sweet pepper balgarski. Preparing vegetable soup like water, and vegetable broth. And the dish is cooked quickly, it all depends on what You prefer vegetables — boiled or a little harsh. Keep in mind that it is not recommended before cooking the vegetables simmer or fry. Vegetables should be put into the broth raw! Salt use to a minimum, and add spices to taste.

Offer diet menu

In 1-St day you can eat only soup, not eating bread.

the 2nd day eat soup and any fruits except bananas.

The 3rd day is the soup, fresh vegetables, excluding potatoes.

on the 4th day eat soup, vegetables, fruit.

In the 5th day of the soup, all fruits (including bananas).

6 day eat soup, meat, boiled – beef, chicken, veal, fresh tomatoes.

In the 7th day recommend the soup, rice, boiled without salt, it is possible to fill with soy sauce.

On the 8th day offer soup, fruit.

On the 9th day you can eat soup, fresh vegetables.

On the 10th day soup, salad of fruit and vegetables.

Results diet Maria Kiseleva

Adhering to this diet for 10 days, the person will lose 5 kilogrammes excess weight and if you add an active lifestyle, regular visits to the gym and swimming pool, can be removed and a dozen kilos.

Diet combined with aerobic


Maria Kiseleva preference of all types of fitness the aerobics. The athlete believes that only water can burn a lot of calories to pull up, to dry, to pump up muscles, and arms and legs make slender. Access to the pool recommends no less than 3 times a week for 40 minutes duration, after a few months will see a great rsultat. Offer Olympic champion is unique, easy, and proves that her excellent physical condition.