Diet Dr. Brooker

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Features of this type of diet

This diet involves the removal of foods foods obtained by industrial production:
-vegetable oil refined.

Brooker insists to focus on the consumption of food containing:
-butter, and the like.

an Important point in this type of food given 3 meals a day. Thus the food before consumption it is not recommended to reheat.

According to the doctor, only a comprehensive observance of all requirements will allow to achieve positive results, not only in terms of ideal weight. but witi from the development of many diseases.

Diet menu Dr Brooker

fat cottage cheese with sour cream 1 serving
branny bread (1 slice) with smeared him with butter homemade
natural honey — 1 table spoon
drink — natural black coffee with cream (natural fatty Sivkov) — 1 Cup

lunch is recommended:
beet soup with added sour cream — 1 Cup
rye bread — 1 slice
1 small piece of fat pork in prikusku with a small piece of garlic
pork, boiled-1 piece
salad of fresh carrots, seasoned with sour cream or vegetable oil obtained by cold pressed — 1 serving
cabbage broccoli (prepared in the steamer) 1 serving
fresh orange juice — 200 grams

Dinner includes:
dumplings containing a filling of minced pork, seasoned with homemade sour cream — 1 Cup
herbal tea with a small amount of honey — 1 Cup

Method power Brooker has both positive and negative aspects, so the choice is up to You to eat according to this advice or not. One thing is clear, that the man himself is able to engage in their own health. But don't forget to get helpful advice from a competent nutritionist and your doctor.