Czech diet

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Dr. Horvath has developed a method of weight loss that allows you to reset a sufficiently large excess weight. Czech diet will last for 3 weeks – you have to have patience, because the shortening will not achieve such significant results.

Diet diet

1 Breakfast: coffee, egg, wheat crackers
2 Breakfast: slice of ham (30 g), wheat toast, tea
3 Breakfast: toast, tea
4 Breakfast: tea and cottage cheese (250 ml/100 g)
5 Breakfast: low-fat cheese (50 g), tea, toast
6 Breakfast: watermelon (a few cloves)
Breakfast 7: 3 tbsp of curd, tea, toast

lunch 1: apples
lunch 2: grapefruits
the Second 3 Breakfast: grated carrots
lunch 4: berries
lunch 5: citrus fruits (e.g. oranges)
the Second Breakfast 6: carrots
Second 7 Breakfast: milk with a minimum percentage of fat (1 tbsp.)

Lunch 1: coffee boiled potatoes (100 g), lean meat (130 g) and fresh green vegetables (200 g)
Lunch 2: grated carrot, boiled fillet (150 g), potatoes (200 g)
Lunch 3: slice of melon, stewed potatoes with meat (100 g/50 g)
Lunch 4: stewed potatoes with meat (100 g/100 g), vegetable juice
meal 5: potatoes and chicken fillet boiled (100 g/150 g), fresh cucumbers
Dinner 6: stewed potatoes with meat (100 g/100 g), cabbage salad
Lunch 7: stewed potatoes with meat (100 g/150 g) salad

Afternoon tea 1: tea, fruit
afternoon Snack 2: vegetable juice
Afternoon tea 3: coffee with milk
Afternoon tea 4: yogurt
Afternoon tea 5: apples
Afternoon 6: radish (a salad)
7 afternoon Snack: coffee with milk, boiled beans (200 g)

Dinner 1: egg, vegetables and a slice of ham (80 g), juice
Dinner: 2 tbsp of cottage cheese, 100 g cooked vegetables (you can cook the potatoes)
Dinner 3: 150 g of spinach and fish fillet
4 Dinner: mixed vegetable salad with greens
Dinner 5: vegetable juice, ham, eggs (250 ml/30 g/2)
Dinner 6: soft-boiled egg, boiled mushrooms, cucumber (1 PCs/100 g/2)
Dinner 7: yogurt and oatmeal cookies (250 ml/1 piece)

Menu of the week # 2 and week # 3 is completely identical. Average weight loss in 3 weeks – 7-8 lbs. With a large excess weight, you can lose 10-12 kg.


Czech diet has a balanced composition, but still there are some contraindications to its use. Diet is contraindicated in peptic ulcer and in exacerbation of any chronic disease. It is not recommended to diet in case of violation of cerebral circulation, as well as the presence of inflammatory processes.


Czech low-calorie diet is quite varied menu, – most of all struck by the almost daily consumption of potatoes (a large part of the diet imposed on this product ban). Despite such violations, the effectiveness of the diet pleases.